Who is a radical mama? (The Radical Mamafesto*, Part 1)

Who is a radical mama?

A radical mama is not just any mama (not that all mama’s are not awesome in their own unique way) but a radical mama is a nurturing loving mama that is critical of the world she lives in and has established a cohesive set of beliefs based on her rational and intuitive faculties. Thus, a radical mama ‘lives’ her beliefs in order to instill a strong moral fabric in her children and the communities in which she lives or comes from.

In other words, a radical mama [only 1 is enough:)]:

Works towards bringing basic human rights to all children and their mamas and their loved ones.

Stands against any and all injustices including but not limited to: colonialism (in all its post-modern forms), oppression, and persecution of any group of people regardless of ethnicity, gender, political affiliation, religion, creed, sexual orientation, age, and/or socio-economic status.

Despises and works against the corporate exploitation of the planet, its resources, and its mamas and children.

Breaks down one-sided, patriarchal, racist, and/or colonialist paradigms for the sciences, the arts, religion, and/or spirituality.

Recognizes and works against economic and health disparities, especially those linked to racism and colonialist paradigms.

Is non-judgmental.

Seeks to bring voices to the unheard children of the world.

Teaches her children the human qualities of compassion, critical thinking, and moral activism.

Rejects mainstream culture and creates her own set of beliefs and values to live by and guide her children. (Jasmine Vbactivist Lavender).

Summons her inner feminine qualities of love and compassion in facing our predator patriarchal world.

Finds strength in other women, other mamas, and in her own femininity.

*”Mamafesto” coined by Iman Hamam.

**This is an open working document. I would greatly appreciate it if you could help me write it! Please write your input and feedback in the comments box and I will edit it into the blog and add your name to the list of authors.

Stay tuned for the radical mamas bill of rights!

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