Birth Doula

BFW.logo.transparent.grayscaleMother’s are conceived and born with their children and birth is a rite a passage. 

I offer support as a homeopath and Birthing From Within® Doula throughout the birth and life of a mother and her babies. Mother’s are born with their children– at conception and at birth– and, it is a journey that is both vulnerable and elevating. As your homeopath and Birthing From Within® Doula, I can support you through every stage of your journey (fertility, prenatal, childbirth, postnatal and newborn care) by integrating Birthing From Within processes and practices with a selection of natural remedies and holistic guidance. Your support plan will strengthen and stimulate your own powerful innate ability to live healthy and provide health for you and your babies. 

As a Birthing From Within® Mentor and Doula we will approach childbirth as a Rite of Passage and prepare you for your sacred initiation into motherhood. As a homeopath I will offer you all the integrative support I offer other clients plus my love and passion for all things pregnancy and childbirth. It is my dream to combine integrative homeopathy with doula and midwifery care and to make it accessible to all women who need or want it.  

Our Birth Doula Package Includes the following:  

— Continuous Mental, Emotional, and Physical Support throughout labor  for you and your partner! 

— Homeopathic Preparation for Birth: Based on French Protocol

–Homeopathic support during labor and birth. 

— 2 Prenatal Mentoring Appointments: Birthing From Within® Childbirth Preparation and Parenting sessions (Each session typically last 2 hours, if you feel you need more time or would like to explore more processes to better prepare for birth or parenting it will be $50/additional hour and must be scheduled in advance). 

2 Hypnosis sessions with at 50% OFF: one for you and one for your partner to be used prenatally or postnatally and can be done via Skype. 

— Homeopathic Immediate Postpartum (1-4 days postpartum) support

–1 Birthing From Within® Postpartum visit within 2 weeks postpartum


Current Rate for Birth Doula Package: $1100 (with a sliding scale for low-income mothers).