Sukuun aims to facilitate optimal health in a pregnant mother by merging classical homeopathic techniques with modern homeopathy, mineral cell salt supplementation and/or natural health support.

In addition to providing homeopathic support for common pregnancy complaints, Sukuun also follows a protocol to naturally and gently prepare the body for a smoother and more spontaneous labor.

Homeopathy can help with mild to moderate complaints during pregnancy and can be an excellent adjunct therapy to more severe pregnancy complications or outcomes.


I offer my own unique approach to holistic therapy by integrating homeopathy with reiki, muscle testing, nutritional support, cell salts, and herbs.

Please see my Homeopathy page for a more thorough understanding of my services and what to expect.


First Consultation (1.5-2 hours) + Analysis + Recommendations and 1st Follow Up: $175

All Subsequent Follow-Up Consultations (30-45 minutes): $80

**After every 4 Follow-Ups we will need to have another 1.5-2 Hour consultation booked.

Ailments & Complaints

“There are no un-healable diseases, only un-healable people.” 

Homeopathy has been shown to be effective for many people with a number of complaints. For evidence based information please click here.

A list of common ailments manageable with homeopathy during pregnancy include (but not limited to):






Urine incontinence



Mood Swings

Vericose Veins

Stretchmarks, Rashes, Skin Irritations

**Sukuun is committed to supporting pregnant women regardless of  pregnancy outcomes. Sukuun is dedicated to protecting the reproductive rights of all people and facilitating access to reproductive health and justice within a safe and nonjudgemental space.