Homeopathy 101 Workshop

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Join Rena Sassi of Sukuun Holistics, a #radicalmama, a birth doula and a homeopath, as she teaches you to make Homeopathy your primary form of medicine at home and lessen your need for doctors, allopathic medicine and unnecessary medications or interventions.

In this workshop you will learn:

• To use and make homeopathic remedies last FOREVER!!!
• basic principles of homeopathy
• What is health? What is disease?
• How to prevent disease and promote health
• manage acute common ailments and basic first aid at home
• to eliminate doctor visits by utilizing safe time tested remedies (reduce co-payments, and use of prescription and chemical drugs)
how to reproduce homeopathic remedies and use them indefinitely for generations

The first half will be dedicated to the ‘Science’ of homeopathy to help you establish a new holistic paradigm in understanding health and disease.

The second half will be focused on the ‘Art’ of homeopathy, or the practical application of homeopathy in your home. In this section we will discuss how to dose and infinitely reproduce remedies.

You will also learn how to find remedies for common ailments including: *fevers, *teething, *colic, *complaints, *headaches, *sore throats, *ear aches, *coughs, *colds/flu, first aid emergencies, and more!
–Natural non-homeopathic suggestions will also be discussed for the different ailments.–

EARLY BIRD RATE: $35kit workshop

**WORKSHOP IS FREE with Purchase of Kit**
KIT Family Room DISCOUNT (ordered by June 10): $115
KIT regular price: $125 (w/out shipping if to be shipped)

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*EMAIL doulahomeopath at gmail dot com to register*