To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate? That Is (AND ISN’T) The Question

The current discussion, or fear mongering rather, on vaccinations in the US has become deeply polarized and simplistic. The vaccine industry has framed the dialogue as one where a parent must choose; you are either a compassionate pro-vax parent who must sacrifice your child for the greater good while protecting your child from ancient plagues because science says the MMR vaccine doesn’t cause autism… Or you are an ignorant hateful anti-vax hippie parent that only cares about your child’s health and have essentially given the middle finger to all other children by endangering them with your disease latent unvaccinated kid(s). Mainstream media and medicine have launched a witch-hunt– a sensationalized campaign tracking down, through scientific and profit driven dogma, parents who ask critical questions. You are either of the sane and humane or you are the anti-vax boogieman wreaking disease havoc on the poor sick children of the world. The truth however is that most parents are thoughtful and concerned and are either still exploring and trying to understand the benefits and risks to vaccines or have decided to not succumb to the polarizing rhetoric—they (we) are neither for or against ALL vaccines but would rather look at each disease and its relevant vaccine individually. The question we ask is: Should I vaccinate for________ ? (and fill in the blank one disease at a time).  As a mother of two partially vaccinated children, I belong to this last group of parents– the parents who may choose to vaccinate for some but not all vaccines or who decide on alternate schedules.

This blog is written for parents like me– parents who want a road map to decide which vaccines, if any, are worth giving to our children and when to give them. The following are general rules of thumb (not universal laws) on how to make those decisions.

Rule #1:  Research the disease.

What are the benefits or risks of the disease? ‘Benefits to disease?’ I hear many of you screaming in terror as you cringe to your mobile device. Yes, some diseases have benefits. Aside from the scientifically evidenced assumption that contracting certain benign infectious diseases can help to build a powerful immune system, some diseases can have some long term benefits– measles may significantly increase a child’s IQ/intellect and mumps may protect against ovarian cancer[1]. For more on the immunity building benefits of certain disease please see my blog: Why I Chose Chicken Pox the Disease over the Vaccine.

There are of course diseases that can have serious detrimental or even fatal effects. Diseases like polio, diphtheria, and tetanus come to mind. And for those diseases one must ask: when do these diseases pose the greatest risks and to what populations? Diphtheria mortality rates are higher in children under 5 or adults older than 40 but not every country is high risk for Diphtheria infections. We were living in Egypt when I had both of my children so yup you guessed it– Diphtheria is one of the vaccines my children did get. Mumps however poses the greatest risk of infertility in men but boys do not begin to make sperm until they reach puberty; thus, the worst possible outcome for most mumps cases is really not a risk in boys under the age of 12. It may be wise then to wait until the disease poses a true risk to your son before vaccinating, if the child hasn’t yet gotten the disease. Other relatively mild childhood diseases like measles and the chicken pox can also cause birth defects if a pregnant woman is infected. Again, these vaccines can be re-considered later when a female is of reproductive age and has not yet gotten the diseases as a child. I can hear the pro-vax movement now screaming frantically about the many deaths of children caused by measles in the third world. To them I say, vaccinating entire populations is not only by far more dangerous, (as the experimental and exploitive crimes committed by for-profit pharmaceutical industries against people in the third world pose a more serious threat to public health) it is also a very calculated distraction from responding to the real needs of people in the third world. Please again see my blog for more information on why mass vaccinations of third world populations rather than basic health infrastructure and sanitation perpetuates a cycle of disease and death in the third world.

Ok, so once you have researched the possible risks and benefits of each disease move on to your next step…

Rule #2: Research the vaccine.

Research and analyze the risks and benefits of each vaccine that you discovered in step 1 may be worth giving. With every vaccine there are risks, but not necessarily benefits. Juxtapose the analyses you made above on diseases with what you find about vaccines and then ask yourself: what is worse, if my child gets the disease or the vaccine?

It is not difficult in our age of information to find whatever you want to find. In other words if you are looking to confirm a pro-vax or an anti-vax perspective you will find evidence for both. Thus it is important to look at research, studies, and findings from both camps; because remember we are the majority of parents out there, and we are caring, reasonable and trying to view the evidence objectively.

Now you should have a list of diseases that are worth vaccinated for and a list of vaccines you should avoid or give. Next…

Rule #3: Analyze your family history.

Look at your family history if possible. For those of us who are fortunate enough to have family around find out if anybody in the family has had any adverse reactions to a particular disease or vaccine. By family I mean everybody… cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, siblings, parents, etc.

If someone has had a particularly difficult time with a certain disease or experienced some complications your child may carry a similar predisposition or reaction to that disease. So for example, not all people who have had polio are crippled but if a family member has been crippled by it, your child’s risk of having complications of polio are high. Or if a family member got shingles after the chicken pox at a young age, your child may also be susceptible to a similar reaction. So if you had crossed out chicken pox as a dangerous disease when doing your research under rule of thumb #1, you may need to put it back on your list of dangerous diseases for YOUR child and consider vaccinating for it.

Likewise, if someone in your family has experienced vaccine damage and knows which vaccines caused the damage you really need to include that vaccine as a major risk to your child. Unfortunately, orthodox medicine views vaccine damage as occurring within only 2 weeks of receiving the vaccine. However, us homeopaths (practitioners of homeopathy—the 2nd most used medicine in the world) find that vaccine reactions may not appear for months after a vaccine. If you need help assessing whether or not a vaccine has damaged a person in your family please contact a homeopath for help.

Rule #4: Postpone!

Postpone! Postpone! Postpone! As long as possible. If there are no epidemics of the diseases you decided to vaccinate your child for postpone as much as possible.

The longer you wait, the stronger your child’s immune system has grown and the more likely they will be able to fight off any adverse vaccine effects. If at all possible do not give any vaccines before the age of 2 when a child’s immune system has matured passed its infant/early toddler vulnerability. Its ideal to wait even longer, but if there are no outbreaks of diseases that pose great risks as assessed in rules 1-3 above, don’t do anything until they are at least 2 years old.

Also, the more time you wait to strengthen and nourish your child’s system the more time you have to do research and to wait for the results of newer studies to be published. [Note: to date, there have been no randomized control studies in the US comparing the overall health of unvaccinated children to vaccinated children—so much for science backed medicine huh?! If any of you ever come across a legit study from anywhere in the world link me!]

Finally, once you vaccinate you cannot undo that vaccine but if you postpone you can change your mind and maintain a dynamic process constantly researching and learning about vaccines and diseases while also getting to know your child’s needs and health patterns.

Rule #5: Far apart and one at a time.

Schedule the vaccines you decided to give to your child as far apart from each other as possible and as few at a time as possible. For example if you have decided to vaccinate for polio and tetanus give the single vaccines with at least 6 months to a year in between each single vaccine. Some vaccines require that you give a series within a few months. So if you give polio, wait till at least 6 months after the final dose of the polio vaccine before giving Tetanus.

Why you ask? With a vaccine you are trying to send a message to the body and trigger a positive response to the vaccine. If you give a combination vaccine which disease are you telling the body to fight? What mechanisms will it use to fight all these diseases, what mechanisms will be suppressed? Do you see how it can be confusing to the body and trigger a negative response instead?

In addition, the more diseases you have in one vaccine the more preservatives in the form of heavy metals are found in the vaccine. Metals are fat-soluble and cross the blood brain barrier, and most of the metals used as preservatives in vaccines (i.e. aluminum, mercury) are neurotoxins.

Rule #6: Follow your intuition

Yes, the materialist sciences will tell you that making decisions about your child’s health based on how you feel is not scientific and is very dangerous but materialist science is outdated and old school. There are plenty of sciences out there that will validate your intuition as parents because you as a parent know your child better than anybody else in the world, including doctors. So if you have a gut feeling that you should or shouldn’t give a certain vaccine, follow it! The old adage ‘mama knows best’ is a cliché for a reason, because it’s true! And we don’t need men in white coats working in ‘sterile’ environments to validate what we know deep down inside—that we know exactly what is best for our children.

Rule #7: Think outside the Big Pharma box.

Realize that the pharmaceutical industry has a tight grip on all aspects of modern medicine; from setting up and implementing research on vaccines (a huge conflict of interest if you ask me!) to publishing outcomes and determining medical truths. So reading an article on I fucking love science (which I do fucking love btw both the website and actual science) or Salon about anti-vaxxers bringing the once nearly eradicated measles back and causing global epidemics should be met with deep skepticism and critical inquiry. A quick glimpse of historical charts and statistics shows that all diseases come and go in cycles regardless of when a vaccine was introduced. Or repeating the line that herd immunity is necessary to protect immune compromised children should also be thoroughly analyzed. Is herd immunity really achievable? How can we possibly have 95% of the population vaccinated at all times when our open borders are constantly flowing with thousands of people coming in and out everyday? Are you willing to never travel outside of your own country or not allow travelers in? Now the campaign for herd immunity is beginning to sound a bit fascist and xenophobic isn’t it?

Ok parents, you now have the tools to make very important decisions about your child’s health. If you follow these rules and, more importantly, your intuition as a parent you will not only make the best decisions for your children but you will gain a sense of empowerment and help to reclaim our sciences, our medicines, and our knowledge from profiteering big business! I salute you for being a #radicalparent!

Rena Sassi is a #radicalmama of two radically awesome children, a homeopath, and a birth worker currently living in Los Angeles, California. Rena is also certified in homeopathic CEASE therapy and offers CEASE vaccine detox locally and via the interwebs. For a consultation please contact Rena at


From Csection to VBAC: My Journeys of Transformation



I had been living in Egypt for 5 years when I got pregnant with my first and decided to have him there. At the time I was completely unaware of the power and blessings of birth and followed the mainstream model of care, trusting that the system knew what was best.

I did however know that I did not want a csection. Egypt has an appalling but of course unofficial csection rate. Doctors that I know well have told me in confidence that they believe the rate in the urban areas to be between 80-90%. So I chose the one doctor in all of Cairo that had a reputation for vaginal births. Unfortunately however, the day I went into labor another woman had arrived exactly 30 minutes before me at the doctor’s private hospital and nearly died. For my first 4 hours there I did not see my OB who I had grown very close to and was checked several times by God knows what man with questionable hygiene. :/ When my OB finally got to me, I was 3cm dilated (after approximately 7 hours of labor) but he was a hot mess. He had spent the past 3 hours trying to save the woman’s life, which thank God he did, but had barged into my room with blood all over him saying “she almost died and there was so much blood, i thought i was going to lose her.” (Note, the woman was a friend of mine and I knew even before he told me that she was in the operation room having complications, I was very scared for her). He checked me, said my cervix was very tight and that I should be progressing much faster. He stripped my membranes, applied Cervadil to my cervix and  gave me an hour to dilate more. When I hadn’t, he told me I was moving too slowly and that I would likely end up in an emergency csection if I didn’t just prep for one now. Of course, with the panic I had just witnessed in him an hour before about nearly losing a woman and the belief that I was progressing too slowly, my husband and I did not need long to agree to the section. My mother arrived in Egypt from the US exactly 2 hours after my son was born because the doctor told me I did not have time to wait for her. (I have not even touched upon the horror that is Egypt’s medical system… that deserves a whole other field of journalism and research. WHO, where are you?!)

Though I have always felt betrayed by my OB, I do believe that it was my destiny to go into labor on one of his really bad days; had I not come in at that same time as my friend who nearly died I  truly believe I would not have ended up in a section with him. He had gone through his own emotional and professional struggles right before he came to me, and the easiest thing for him to do at that point was to be done with his day. Though it was a disempowering experience, my csection was just as much transformative for me as my VBAC. Because it was on that day that I had lost my power as a woman to birth my baby, and it is the reason why I went in search to find my power and reclaim it. Had I not lost this power, would I have ever gone looking for it? Would I have ever known it existed?

Needless to say I had suffered from the baby blues and a mild infection after the csection. I did not feel normal again for many months after the birth of my first child… partly because I was a mother for the first time and partly because of the csection.  And till this day I have a scar that some say is the worst csection scar they have ever seen, including the OB who gave it to me. :(

When I got pregnant with my second I knew instantly that I would have a VBAC. I just didn’t know how. My sister in law, who is French and lives in France also had a VBAC and it was absolutely no big deal to anyone. Not the medical establishment, not the family, not anyone. So for me, having another Csection sounded like a HUGE deal. Why would I? I wanted my power back and I didn’t want major abdominal surgery ever again! Because it is MAJOR SURGERY! I knew there would be no way for a VBAC in Egypt and did not even attempt to find a doctor who supported it, I knew there were none. So I decided to come to LA (my home of 24 years) for my second.

I made a trip in my third month to find a doctor and followed my sister’s footsteps by looking close to my parent’s home at Pomona Valley for OBs. I found one, made an appointment and shared with her that I was having a VBAC. She said yes we can do a trail of labor but you will then be put at risk for a uterine rupture. A uterine rupture, what’s that? The French hadn’t mentioned it. So I went back to Egypt, continued with my prenatals and started to read. I looked at everything I could get a hold of via the internet and I oscillated time and again between repeat csection and VBAC. The OB from Pomona Valley had planted the seed in my head that my uterus would rupture but the more I read the more I realized she was full of shit and already setting me up to be coerced into a csection.

I don’t know if I had a light bulb moment or if it was just a lot of little bits of information and stories that I had come across, but about 3 weeks before I was due to fly into LA to wait for my daughter’s birth I decided I didn’t want to see that OB again. I did a quick google search of “VBAC 91789” (the zipcode where my parents lived) and the first thing that came up was AquaNatal Birth Center in Chino, CA. For the first time in maybe all of my life, I realized that there were still midwives in America! And I just ran with it. The VBAC train had found me and I got on.

It is through them that I found the most evidenced based research on VBACs. I found ICAN and the Unnecesarean  and other support networks for VBAC moms. But most importantly I found beautiful stories of VBACs and hundreds upon hundreds of women who had been cut open… that’s right hundreds of women who had major abdominal surgery for NO reason. And they were pissed. And so was i. I also learned that my risks of a rupture would increase with every medical intervention I could potentially have in a hospital. I knew that if I were in a hospital I would be offered drugs and ‘help’ and that my will to resist them may be weakened when in the midst of birth and labor pains.  Birthing in a hospital became a risk again for me, a risk I was not willing to take. I decided there was no way I was going to step foot in a hospital unless it was a true emergency and I needed life-saving medical care. I sent a desperate email to AquaNatal telling them “I am already 30 weeks but I am coming from out of the country to have a VBAC and I have no provider, can you please attend my birth?” They said yes and set me up with a tour a few days after I arrived. I met the Head Midwife and her student midwife and knew right away that I was almost there. Their birth package included the take home Hypnobabies Program, which I did religiously until the very last minute. I also bought the Hypnobabies VBAC tracks. When labor started two days before my due date I was ready and excited. muslim woman praying

My second birth is the single most spiritual experience I have ever had. In all of my 38 hours of labor, never once did the thought of a uterine rupture come to my mind. Not once did I question my body’s ability or my baby’s well being. I knew and I trusted. I surrendered. I found my power. I birthed my baby girl through my vagina into my husband’s hands while in the birth pool.

i have since then tried to recapture that moment of transcendence, that moment of union with the universe, the moment where all the world falls away and nothing exists– by attending the births of other women as a doula. In that moment (no, not all 38 hours obviously but at some point you go there and you don’t come back until the baby comes), all things cease. There is no reality but The Reality. There is no-thing but God. La illaha Ill Allah/لا إله إلا ألله.  The world pulsated with life around me but i was no where. i had surrendered my ‘nafs’, my mind, my ego. ‘i’ had been annihilated. Time stopped. i was kneeling (literally on hands and knees for most of my labor) at the throne of the Divine and the Divine commanded the Universe to push my baby into being, into life. i was simply a part of the Universe not separate from it, allowing the Cosmic Consciousness to Manifest, Live, Breathe, Push through me. And thus, ‘my faith’/Imani was born.

The Mamafesto Part 2: The Radical Mama’s Bill of Rights


We hold these truths to be self-evident, that:

1)    All nature, human and nonhuman, have the right to freedom, to exist, persist, maintain and regenerate its vital cycles, structure, function and its processes to maintain its survival in harmony with all creation[1].

2)    All humans are born free and equal in dignity and rights, and in harmony and respect with nature and the resources bestowed upon us by The Universal Consciousness (or the Great Spirit, the Universe, God, Allah, Nature, Pachamama, etc.)

3)    All humans have the right to life, liberty, and security, including the security to thrive within the environment they inhabit.

4)    All humans have a right to freedom of expression, religion, speech, to public and private assembly, privacy, and to defense of these proclaimed rights.

5)    All matters pertaining to nature, human and nonhuman, are directly connected to human life, and the perpetuation or annihilation of the human species.

6)    All women, human and non-human, as potential carriers, bearers, and givers of life are intricately and inherently tied to the cycles of nature and the perpetuation of life.

7)    All women have the right to informed consent and informed refusal in all matters pertaining to her body, her livelihood, her environment, and her children.

8)    All women have the right to protect the above stated truths through fair and equal representation in unique government and nongovernmental bodies, for women and by women, and shall be granted the abilities, resources, as well as executive, legislative, and judicial powers to put forth, modify, eliminate, and/or reverse laws, decrees, and/or social, political, or cultural codes.

[1] Adapted from the Constitution of Ecuador, Passed in 2008 by the people of Ecuador

Why I chose chicken pox the disease over the vaccine for my kids:


Many parents scratch their head at me when I announce proudly that my children are at home with the chicken pox, or when someone says “Oh I hope your little one doesn’t get it from the big one” and I respond with “No, I really want her to get it.”

I partially vaccinated my children. My vaccine choices were based on thorough research of conventional and alternative information, evidence-based perspectives on health, disease, and immunizations, and my intuition as a mother. But what it came down to was this one question for each vaccine: “What is worse, if my child gets the disease or gets the vaccine?” When it came to chicken pox I saw absolutely no reason to give the vaccine— I remember not only having the chicken pox but all my friends around me getting it too. We all survived. And I now believe our immunity to other viruses was strengthened by that 7 day itchy-scratchy stay-at-home challenge. And somehow, we as children all innately knew this too, because what a triumph it was to have it and than not to have it! Ever again!  Many of my friends in other countries, some of them in the third world, recount similar experiences with the measles, pertussis, rubella, and mumps, all of which I had been vaccinated for as a young American kid and have no personal memory of. Now, with two children at home for 2 weeks[1] (so far) with the chicken pox I do NOT at all regret my decision not to vaccinate for the chicken pox. And here’s why…

Why do I want them to get childhood diseases like the chicken pox, mumps, measles, and rubella? Well the answer is simple, because my children are healthy (al7amdulillah/Thank God) and the diseases are much safer and better promoters of long-term health than the vaccines— that is, if they get the diseases now in their young age. I do not want to go into an extensive literature review outlining all the pro and anti-vaccine research, there is already plenty out there[2]. But here are my reasons why I chose chicken pox the disease over the vaccine: (I will reserve my explanation to chicken pox only for the sake of time, and because I really don’t want to write that literature review — but it is important to note that the reasons I mention here are some of the same for why I did not vaccinate for measles, mumps, and rubella):


1)    For full-proof immunity.

Unlike the vaccine[3], acquiring the chicken pox and allowing it to run its course naturally ensures lifetime immunity! This is especially important in females, with whom chicken pox can be very dangerous during pregnancy. I would rather my daughter be completely immune starting now at 3 years old than put her unborn child at risk, which may be the case if she is ‘immunized’ with a semi-effective vaccine and is unknowingly exposed during pregnancy.

People who have had chicken pox as children and are then exposed to it again through their own children are less likely to develop shingles as adults. Yup, that’s right I just had a natural booster and I am now protected against the shingles– a dangerous virus, with the potential of causing nerve damage in elderly populations.[4]. Thank you my babies for the immunity boost!

Hence, full-proof/life-long immunity can only come from the actual disease! I have linked some articles on the partial efficacy of the vaccine below—because I will be damned to write a literature review. :)

2)    To train the body to fight infectious diseases.

When we are born, we are immediately and forever exposed to millions of microorganisms via our skin and mucus membranes. And our body is lined with immune responsive abilities at our airways, intestines, and skin, which systematically protect us from the outside world.

“Those immune systems that are intricately and specifically located in the linings are very important to create memory and protection to the organisms that they continue to breathe, eat, and touch. That immune system response then has a domino effect on creating other memory and immune responses that give your body antibodies and protection. That’s a very important step for how the immune system matures in our children. From the linings, the immune system receives information, sends out signals to all other parts of the immune system, and creates an immune response, memory, and antibodies.” Dr. Larry Palevsky, Board Certified Pediatrician

But by injecting a microorganism into the body we bypass this ‘primary line of defense.’ and thus weaken our body’s ability to respond to infectious agents. So, though many parents say they do not want their children to suffer and be ill, (what sane parents don’t want that?), our culture’s desperate need to urgently stamp out any kind of pain is counter-productive. In order to know how to fight disease, we sometimes have to get sick and exposure to the virus through the vaccine alone does not allow our bodies the complete disease process of acquiring the illness and naturally healing from it. With the vaccine, the body does not create the total memory to fight disease. I would much rather my children get sick from manageable and self-limiting diseases than serious ones. Also, as I had written before in Suppressive Therapies, Homeopathy, and the State of Mankind, suppressive therapies drive disease deeper into the organism, making us sick on more vital levels.

3)    It is much safer to get the disease as a child than as an adult.

“For 99.9 percent of healthy children, chickenpox is a mild disease without complications. However, up to 20 percent of adults who get chickenpox develop severe complications such as pneumonia, secondary bacterial infections, and brain inflammation (which is reported in less than one percent of children who get chickenpox). Most children and adults who develop these serious complications have compromised immune systems or other health problems.”

Though, one is at greater risk if immune compromised and exposed to the disease we also know from our own experiences and collective memory that chicken pox is more difficult for adults. Some of us have known people who got the chicken pox as adults and even though they did not develop complications it was much rougher for them than it was for us as kids.

Again, the same is true for measles, mumps, and rubella– they can be more serious in adults. Measles and rubella can be dangerous to pregnant women and mumps can be dangerous to boys that have started puberty. So, if my children do not get these three diseases by the time they pose a true risk, I will reconsider the vaccines. By waiting, I am also hoping that they too will be able to participate in the vaccine discussion and begin a life-long path to health empowerment by learning to make informed decisions about their health. After all, aren’t we supposed to model and practice informed consent and informed refusal?

Now, I am sure there are plenty out there that will still say “I still don’t want my children to get the chicken pox” and the biggest accusation of I’ve heard thus far from fellow parents is: “your infected children pose a threat to the rest of the community and perhaps even the world.” And to these claims I have only this to say:

1) I have been more than diligent in isolating my children so that no one is exposed, please don’t worry.

2) If you want to vaccinate your child, go for it! It’s your choice.  But if the vaccine fails that’s not my problem… it was your choice!

3) It has been made clear by honest investigation and analysis that in the third world where simple childhood diseases like chicken pox and measles can be life-threatening, that vaccination is not the answer. The answer is pulling these children out of third world conditions by giving them access to good nutrition, clean water, sanitation, good hygiene, and sustainable food practices; in other words, granting these children their natural human rights.

I refuse to be the scape-goat, the person blamed for the 150,000 children who die annually from the measles alone. The reason why those children die is because most of ‘them’ are poor black and brown children and as our racist capitalist world has proven time and again, children of color don’t really matter. Rather than pumping billions into the vaccine and pharmaceutical industry to mass immunize these populations, that money could be far better spent by helping poor children to live in more humane conditions. By ensuring basic fundamental human rights and the most essential of social justice– access to true health– we CAN fix the problem of unnecessary fatalities or disease injury from simple diseases like amoebic dysentery and measles in vulnerable populations. Even the WHO, one of the world’s largest organizations and a staunch proponent of mass immunizations states in their fact sheet that: “more than 95% of measles deaths occur in low-income countries with weak health infrastructures.” And if its the children’s lives that matter what is the world doing about the estimated 2.9 million African and Asian newborns that die every year, most of them in their first day of life from preventable causes? Where are the billions for those children? And of course, facilitating access to basic health infrastructure would also save the lives of these babies in addition to solving many other public health problems in developing countries. Mass immunizations only mask symptoms of poverty, they do NOT fix poverty!

The anti-vax witch-hunt that has sprouted in recent years is yet another corporate attempt to distract from the real needs of children around the world. In developed countries where healthy children have nutritious diets and basic infrastructure, chicken pox, measles, mumps, and rubella are mild diseases. Isn’t it time we give ‘other’ children these basic foundations to health? How is introducing unsafe, ineffective, and lest we forget morbific agents in the form of vaccines into already at-risk populations with major public health crises better for ‘them’ than providing basic health infrastructure and ensuring human rights?

As for the remaining 5% that we can assume are dying in developed countries from these mild diseases, it is a true shame as vaccines may have saved them. But how do we know this? There are also an equal if not greater number of children who suffer severe vaccine injury or death. How do we know if the vaccine or the disease will aversely affect a child? Well, usually immune compromised children get complications from these diseases that may or may not result in death, and it is usually children with previous health problems (not always) who have severe reactions to vaccines. So what do parents of these children do? There are also unpredictable reactions to both vaccines and diseases in healthy children and in these cases, we just don’t know. It is a risk each parent takes; but, yet another reason why I would prefer to take my chances with typically innocuous diseases in which the overwhelming majority of healthy children in developed countries experience with no complications rather than potentially dangerous vaccines with questionable efficacy.

Just for the record, I am not anti-vaccine but I am not pro-vaccine either. I believe in health freedom and that everyone has a right to informed consent and informed refusal in regards to one’s health and one’s lifestyle. As a mother, I made a decision based on what I found, thought, and felt was best for my children and I am sure all mothers try to do the same. I am grateful that I had the sight to make the right decision for them.

*The chicken pox were a piece of cake and totally manageable with homeopathy[5]. Both children were instantly relieved with rhus-t 30c. My 5 year old who had the strongest reaction never had any uncontrollable scratching fits and slept 14-hour nights. His energy remained normal 90% of the time and he felt tired with a mild fever only once and only until he took his homeopathic remedy rhus-t 30c again. My 3-year old barely got 4-5 pox around her body and no other signs or symptoms. They have both been sicker from different strains of the flu and strep throat than from the chicken pox.

**My personal shout out: It is from seeing the action of homeopathic remedies on my babies and my pregnant self that first inspired me to become a homeopath. This recent experience with homeopathy and the chicken pox has deepened my profound appreciation for this divinely inspired science and art. I LOVE homeopathy and I thank God that He has shown it to us.

Sukuun Holistics offers Homeopathic Vaccine Detox for those of you who choose to vaccinate.  For more info please visit:



[1] I am fully aware that it is a privilege to be able to stay at home with my children for this time and I do not take it for granted. It is a luxury that came with my career and that most parents do not have as they are committed to at least one job, often times more than one, in order to make ends meet and to survive in this ‘dog eat dog’ system. I also understand and do not judge parents (nor do I judge any parents) who need to vaccinate because they do not have the luxury of staying at home with their children when they fall ill with these childhood diseases. It is my dream that our medical and economic systems would allow parents the opportunity to raise healthy children, which always means giving them time and often means staying at home with them to nurture and nurse them into proper health.

[2] Plus, I am a full time mama with my own business– “Ain’t nobody got time for that!” 😉  But I am more than happy to provide you with some alternative resources to the mainstream medical approach to vaccines as it is not easy to find.

[3] The vaccine is a live strain of the varicella virus and therefore potentially carrying other stronger and more dangerous viruses. Also, side effects like encephalitis, shock, and in rare cases death have been reported with the varicella vaccine.

[4] There is also evidence of a correlation between the increase of the varicella vaccine and the incidence of shingles in the elderly.

[5] Measles, mumps, croup, whooping cough and other childhood diseases are also manageable with homeopathy.

Mama’s Holistic Rescue List: For Common Ailments

Most childhood ailments and complaints are benign and can be dealt with at home with a few homeopathic remedies and some basic essential oils and tinctures. I’ve compiled a go-to list for all you mamas in one of your desperate moments of need– when you want to help your babies or children and going to the doctor is either not an option, should not be an option,  or you’d rather just deal at home holistically and naturally. It is a short list of acute self-limiting ailments that I expect I will be updating regularly.  The list is based on my experience as both a mama and a homeopath and also collected from various sources in my work as a homeopath.

The general rule of thumb for dosing is to continue repeating the remedy until symptoms are eliminated unless otherwise indicated here.  Unlike conventional medicine, quantity is not what counts, it is the frequency of dosing that is key.

The basic format is ‘fill in the blank’ and is as follows….

When you see___________________ try this  __________________________ first.

Colic:  Lycopodium 6c , Colocynthis 6c, Carbo-Veg 6c (try in this order, give up to 4 doses 5-10 minutes apart before moving to next remedy)

Teething: Chamomilia 6c

Pink Eye: Euphrasia 6c (sipping in a bottle or sippy cup all day and until infection is gone) , AND Euphrasia Tincture diluted Nature’s Answer makes a great one without alcohol!) and applied to eye with a warm or cold compress.

Styes: Pulsatilla 6c. If Pulsatilla fails give, Staphysagria 6c if on lower lid and Graphites 6c if on upper lid.

Open cuts and scrapes,: Calendula 6c (higher if serious or infected) internally, and diluted calendula tincture, lavender oil, and/or tea tree oil topically.

Mouth sores: Mercurius Solubilus 6c

Pus or suppuration: Combine Hepar Sulph 6c, Silica 6c, and Mercurius Solubilus 6c

Colds and Flus:

At Onset: Oscillococcinum, aconite 6c, propolis, vitamin c, echinacea, zinc

Once it hits: An awesome British radical mama and doula living and working in Greece shared this with us once in Egypt– *The Snot Blaster– Pulsatilla 30c, Hydrastis 30c,  and Kali-Bichronium 30c  four times a day. 

Fever achy body: Gelsemium 30c

Blows, Bruises, physical trauma: Arnica (the stronger the blow the higher the potency, re-dose every minute for serious trauma until emergency help as arrived)

Blows to head: Combine Symphytum, Natrium-Sulphuricum, Arnica (the stronger the blow the higher the potency, re-dose every minute for serious trauma until emergency help as arrived)

Emotional Shock: Aconite (any potency– seek professional help)

Grief or Loss: Ignatia (any potency– seek professional help)

Puncture wounds: Ledum 30c (Can also be given before or after shots and jabs to reduce inflammation and/or irritation)

And moms this one’s for you! For fatigue headaches that result from lack of sleep especially during the breastfeeding phase take cocculus 30c.

Finally if you are getting more familiar with homeopathy and using it more often at home with your you will sometimes find sticky situations where the remedy picture is not clear. Giving one dose of Sulphur 30c should help clarify the symptom picture for you.

**For chronic illnesses or ailments in you or your baby it is important to consult with a trained homeopath.

***Remember to always listen to your instincts as a mother and seek emergency care or professional help when necessary.

***These are just the musings of a radical mama and are in no way meant to treat or diagnose disease.

Who is a radical mama? (The Radical Mamafesto*, Part 1)

Who is a radical mama?

A radical mama is not just any mama (not that all mama’s are not awesome in their own unique way) but a radical mama is a nurturing loving mama that is critical of the world she lives in and has established a cohesive set of beliefs based on her rational and intuitive faculties. Thus, a radical mama ‘lives’ her beliefs in order to instill a strong moral fabric in her children and the communities in which she lives or comes from.

In other words, a radical mama [only 1 is enough:)]:

Works towards bringing basic human rights to all children and their mamas and their loved ones.

Stands against any and all injustices including but not limited to: colonialism (in all its post-modern forms), oppression, and persecution of any group of people regardless of ethnicity, gender, political affiliation, religion, creed, sexual orientation, age, and/or socio-economic status.

Despises and works against the corporate exploitation of the planet, its resources, and its mamas and children.

Breaks down one-sided, patriarchal, racist, and/or colonialist paradigms for the sciences, the arts, religion, and/or spirituality.

Recognizes and works against economic and health disparities, especially those linked to racism and colonialist paradigms.

Is non-judgmental.

Seeks to bring voices to the unheard children of the world.

Teaches her children the human qualities of compassion, critical thinking, and moral activism.

Rejects mainstream culture and creates her own set of beliefs and values to live by and guide her children. (Jasmine Vbactivist Lavender).

Summons her inner feminine qualities of love and compassion in facing our predator patriarchal world.

Finds strength in other women, other mamas, and in her own femininity.

*”Mamafesto” coined by Iman Hamam.

**This is an open working document. I would greatly appreciate it if you could help me write it! Please write your input and feedback in the comments box and I will edit it into the blog and add your name to the list of authors.

Stay tuned for the radical mamas bill of rights!

Mama’s Holistic Rescue List: Tips for Common Child Ailments

Mama’s Holistic Rescue List: Tips for Common Child Ailments

Suppressive Therapies, Homeopathy, and the State of Mankind

Allopathy– a popular term in alternative medicine for the type of medicine practiced by the medical industry yet coined by Samuel Hahnemann the founder of Homeopathy a couple centuries ago– is largely a suppressive type of therapy. Why? Because it reduces the human organism to a machine, made of separate and disconnected parts (organs and tissues) that is too weak, too ignorant, and too fragmented to intuitively understand and/or fight ‘disease’ on its own. This spiritless body that only holds disease in the physical realm must surrender all of its evolutionary wisdom in the art and science of survival to a foreign chemical substance that will quiet the pain or the symptoms, because lest our poor precious fragile modern bodies feel any sort of pain. When viewed with such a materialist and limiting lens, the body can only be treated with similar medicines– reductionist, materialist, limited, and contrived substances that will attack and subdue the symptoms but not heal the body. These come in the many plentiful forms of chemical or biological drugs i.e. vaccines, antibiotics, pain medications, stimulants, depressants, mood regulaters, steroids, hormones, and, and, and…

What happens with the suppression?

The disease moves deeper into the organism, to more important organs or functions. Allopathy with no driving scientific principles guiding its course ultimately deepens disease; and thus, we arrive at ‘the modern human’– struggling with a lack of a spiritual center, living longer perhaps (though the human lifespan is predicted to get shorter with my children’s generation) but sicker, suffering from an unprecedented number of chronic diseases, sick now too in the mind (as mental illness is at an all time high in human history). It is as Dr Richard Palmquist ‏tweeted a few days ago: “It is basic science. What we suppress becomes stronger….“. We have seen this truth in all natural and human systems– that which we suppress becomes stronger. It is true also in our human organism.

So how is homeopathy different?

Well, homeopathy sees the human organism as an entire or WHOLE being functioning on several interconnected and interdependent plains of existence– the mental, emotional, and physical realms. All of these realms are powered, animated, or given life through an energetic body that expresses a disruption to its own system by manifesting ‘dis-ease’ or symptoms. Thus, a homeopath will approach symptoms very differently from that of an allopathic physician. The homeopath learns to read symptoms in sets and patterns and finds a natural substance with a ‘like’ symptom picture that will speak or resonate with the person’s energetic body, thereby stimulating the whole into healing itself.

It must be duly noted however that because homeopathy is too a medicine it too can act suppressively. An incorrect but close remedy may cause a suppression in sensitive individuals. A homeopathic suppression however will not be as a detrimental to the human organism as that of an allopathic one because: 1) homeopathy provides us with a method to antidote the action of remedies; and, 2) symptoms are to the homeopath like torches lighting an individuals unique ‘disease’ path, the symptoms that will be brought forth should ultimately lead the homeopath to the person’s correct remedy(ies) and a subsequent and permanent resolution to the person’s symptomology. Allopathic chemical drugging however can leave permanent or irreversible damage on the mental, emotional, and/or physical spheres and there is generally no allopathic method for antidoting the negative unwanted effects of chemical drugs except to introduce more chemical substances to the body.

The mental sphere being the most crucial to our function and survival is most at risk in our over-drugged and toxin-exposed societies.  It is no wonder that we now have societies that can leave billions in dire hunger, millions in cultures of fear and violence, and mothers and babies without homes or access to water.  Human history has always been stained with the madness of a few pathological tyrants, but pathology, suffering, and disease run excessively beyond the norm. The global injustice of 1% of the human species exploiting and abusing the planet and human life whilst vast amounts of ‘ordinary’ people gaze only at the atrocities from the view of spectators is just as much a pathology of mind in the collective human body as it is in illness in the mind of the individuals who make up this body. It is time we begin to discuss issues of health and disease as phenomena of the individual and of the collective(s), as well as of systems and of structures. Homeopathy, among many other alternative systems for health, offers deep and long lasting solutions to the suffering of our persons and to the suffering of our peoples– and ultimately their manifest systems.

What is Homeopathy?

As a homeopath, I am often met with a look of confusion or a question on herbalism when I mention that I practice homeopathy. So I put together this short 2-part video to clear up some common misconceptions and to offer a simple and brief introduction to this complex science and art that has become a great passion of mine and a salvation in my home and with my family! Enjoy!