Soul Rebirth Course
Awakening the Healed Feminine
& the Divine Matriarch ;
Healing our Primordial Mother Wound

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Some of our *dis-ease* comes from our own suppressed wounds & traumas, & some have been inherited thru our bloodlines or thru collective human experiences, either contemporary or historical.

These are called MIASMA,& this graph is how its manifested in your soul/energy body.

For example, fears & phobias can be ancestral miasms from unresolved ancestral traumas or wounds.

Likewise,sluggish thyroids indicate a history of famines & passed down inter-generationally from ancestors who've endured times of starvation. The thyroid learns to slows down metabolism to preserve energy when food resources are scarce.

Most of our miasma are particular to our bloodline or our psycho-social-cultural context.

However, some miasma are UNIVERSAL.

The 2 ORIGINAL miasms, traumas or soul disturbances that are universal to ALL living humans are:

#1 The 1st human trauma of receiving the human ego & thus the perceived separation from God Source.This is only curable by death & is why the Sufis urge us to "die before dying".

#2 The Primodial Mother Wound,or the perceived fracture b/n mother nature & the human being.This miasm began in the collective human consciousness several generations ago,at the time of Western *Enlightenment* & Colonization & the Industrial Revolution.Prior to that,our ancestors held the awareness of the sacred & divine nature of all of creation & respected & worked in collaboration w/the laws & cycles of the earth.They had a deep knowing that the 1st primordial wound could be mediated & alleviated by honoring God Source thru honoring Mother Nature.It can be said that this is a PRIMORDIAL MOTHER WOUND that birthed the WOUNDED & TOXIC MASCULINE & FEMININE.

This 2nd wound has been compounded generation after generation as each subsequent era moved even further from connection w/our great mother.It's only been exacerbated in the last 100 years, reaching an apex now w/the global tr⚠︎nshumanist agenda to merge the human being w/AI.

Unlike the 1st primordial wound however, the 2nd is not only CURABLE but is pleading w/ us to be healed now in this historical moment.

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Acute diseases reveal miasms so they can be healed. Collective acute diseases like ep¡demics reveal collective miasms.

Western colonialism & industrialization created two MAJOR pathologies or MIASMS in the collective soul: the SLAVERY MIASM & the PRIMORDIAL MOTHER WOUND.

It can be said that both miasms are in fact one & the same as the primordial mother wound or wounded feminine is also a result of the master-slave paradigm inherent to Western colonialism & its belief that all earth bodies, including the feminine & the earth mother herself, are seen as separate & dangerous & are meant to be dominated, controlled, exploited & enslaved by *the man*.

The Western colonial project however is now dying, it's taking it's last toxic breaths.

And at the end of any world, miasms & shadows will be triggered & exposed so they can be healed & not be passed on to the next world, in our case the New Earth.