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with Maha AL-Musa


About Maha Al-Musa

Birth pioneer, activist, counsellor and educator Maha Al Musa of Palestinian/Lebanese origin, raised in Australia, has been an independent international birth educator and mentor for almost 3 decades. She is the founder of EmbodyBirth and BellydanceBirth. 

She is the author of the award winning world first book on bellydance for birth - Dance Of The Womb - endorsed by Dr Michel Odent, Sheila Kitzinger and others as well as the producer of the award winning videos series of the same name.

Maha is a mother to 3 beautiful children now 14, 23 and 26. Two were born at home - both as water lotus births. Her last at the age of 46.  All her births brought Maha into an alignment with her roots, lineage, and experiences to become her life’s work. She was a breastfeeding advocate in worldwide media from 2012-2016. Her story of breastfeeding her daughter for 8.5 years went viral many times.

She has been guiding women and mothers to connect to their sacred womb wisdom to envisage the birth that their baby and intuition is calling for. She has travelled to many countries teaching her acclaimed, unique and inspirational EmbodyBirth educator certification, including USA, Japan, NZ, India and the last 3 years before covid in China. Now at 60, she is thrilled to offer all her wise words in one place online in her EmbodyBirth pregnancy and birth education program and her exceptional and inspiring EmbodyBirth educator certification training.


And she also offers counselling sessions for conception, pregnancy, birth and menopause.

Discover EmbodyBirth™


Historically, the practice of belly dancing during pregnancy as a way to prepare for labor and childbirth has been used for centuries in the Middle East.

In recent years, belly dancing has emerged in the West as a powerful prenatal exercise.

Maha has been a pioneer of this modality.

The gentle, circular movements of this dance provide low impact exercise that:

  • Promotes good posture

  • Naturally lubricates joints

  • Reinforces abdominal control

  • Eases discomfort in pregnancy

  • Strengthens the pelvic floor

  • Reduces labour pains

  • Helps position baby into an optimal position in the pelvis

  • Assists the mother as she moves through labour contractions (expansions) and rhythms.

  • Brings awareness throughout pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum recovery.

EmbodyBirth™ is the first and ONLY childbirth preparation program that shares BellydanceBirth®  and includes these techniques in the programs.




Online Pregnancy & Birth Preparation Program

A complete birth preparation program for mothers-to-be. EmbodyBirth™ ~Unlock and Awaken Your Ancestral Womb Wisdom~ is an online pregnancy and birth preparation program that has changed lives!


Birth is meant to be an instinctual and embodied experience.

EmbodyBirth™ helps mothers address their fears so they can immerse themselves in their birth preparation journey with renewed clarity and confidence.

Even women who have already birthed have received deep healing from this program.

EmbodyBirth™ is NOT like any other childbirth preparation program.

It is a comprehensive deep-dive into self-discovery!

It reassures and affirms a mother’s innate power to give birth and it always places mothers and babies at the center  of the experience.


The content chapters of Embodybirth™ are unique.

Its knowledge and wisdom are like no other.

What's Included?
When you purchase EmbodyBirth™ pregnancy and birth preparation program, you get lifetime access to:

  • 4 modules with 21 chapters

  • 2 x audio meditations

  • The full BellydanceBirth® dances from my  award winning video series Dance Of The Womb (filmed when Maha was 46 and pregnant with her 3rd child)

  • Suggested art and journaling exercisesas well as other creative activities and Maha's 3 decades of birth wisdom. 

You get 10% OFF when you purchase through the link below.




EmbodyBirth™ is a necessity for all birth keepers!

The EmbodyBirth™ Full Certification Educator Training is Maha’s signature childbirth education and preparation program.

It was conceived from her 3 personal pregnancies and birthing journeys as well as from her Palestinian/Lebanese cultural roots.

It was designed for birth professionals and anyone working within the maternal field as well as expectant mothers to have another perspective on childbirth, a philosophy that is based on bringing birth back to its origins - as conscious, wise, loving care - and trusting in birth as nature intended.

The goal in teaching the wisdom of EmbodyBirth™ is to elevate birth, where mothers and babies are the true birthing experts experiencing birth as a ceremonial initiation regardless of outcomes, and where unnecessary meddling, disrespect and interference is not a part of her narrative.

We must be aware that the birth imprint experienced by babies translates as societal imprints and infuses the world with either love or fear states.

EmbodyBirth™ strives to advocate for a more loving human experience wherever and whenever possible.

In the certification we cover: Birth Philosophy, Birth Physiology and Birth Practice (Bellydancebirth - ancient birth dance).

EmbodyBirth™ Educator Certification is a 3 Part program:

Part 1 

The EmbodyBirth™ Preparation program for mothers including:

  • 4 modules and 21 chapters.

  • Birth preparation program (includes videos, slide shows, meditations, suggested activities

  • The full BellydanceBirth® award winning dance chapters from Maha's video series - Dance Of The Womb)

Part 2
The Recorded Zoom Certification Video Sessions (15 hours) where will cover the following and more:

  • Introduction

  • What is EmbodyBirth™?

  • Middle Eastern culture, Al Tarab and the history of BellydanceBirth®

  • How is BellydanceBirth® different from general bellydancing?

  • The human brain and its hormones in relation to birth.

  • The 12 foundational principles of EmbodyBirth™

  • Pelvis basics

  • The Circle, Figure 8 and variations plus other BellydanceBirth® movements

  • Using BellydanceBirth® in labour

  • Birth And Sex

  • Anatomy and Physiology Of The Dance

  • Somatic Awareness In Pregnancy And Birth

  • Wilhelm Reich teachings in Body Armouring

  • A variety of pertinent subjects around childbirth that will inspire new ways to view this journey.

  • How to format and develop classes and workshops through your “teachers’ eyes” to teach both online classes and workshops as well as in-person.

  • Maha will share a variety of videos taken from her previous in-person training sessions and lectures for obstetricians, midwives, doulas and mothers from different countries. These will enable participants to see how EmbodyBirth™ teachings are conducted when in person.

  • And MUCH more!

Part 3 
Mentorship Zoom With Maha 

Today, we have trained and certified EmbodyBirth™ Educators in countries (and growing!) across the world including: USA, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, China, Vietnam, India, Poland, Brazil and more!

You get 10% OFF when you purchase through the link below.

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