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Sun, May 28


Zoom Online

Root Revival: Ancestral Healing with Homeopathy

*Remember Your Ancestral Legacy* *Witness Wounds as Wisdom* *Integrate Ancestral Shadows* *Alchemize Karmic Agreements & Miasms* *Liberate Your Soul* (4 Week Container)

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Root Revival: Ancestral Healing with Homeopathy
Root Revival: Ancestral Healing with Homeopathy

Time & Location

May 28, 9:30 AM – 11:30 AM PDT

Zoom Online

About the event

Do you have behaviors, patterns, relationships, pains, illnesses, habits, limits, blocks that you can't explain or don't know where they're from? 

They're likely from your ancestral lineage & they're called miasms.

Your ancestors gave you their trauma & karma because they chose you to heal it.

In this container we will be sitting with the homeopathic remedy Folliculinum 30c-- an energetic remedy made from the human ovary & has the intelligence of all of human ancestry within it, from the beginning of time. When the energy of the human ovary is taken, your own Ancestor Archetype is activated & the light & shadow attributes you may have inherited from your ancestors are brought to your awareness to be witnessed & integrated.

The culmination of creation is the human being. You are an accumulation of all that ever existed in the universe. Within you is every single memory of every single being in the cosmos. The closest memory held within your DNA is from your own life & from that of your personal ancestral line.

Sacred ancient knowledge can be erased in one generation but it still lives inside you. This is ancestral light.

Likewise, ancestral trauma & wounds can be erased from our memories but still live within us. These ancestral shadows

You can express ancestral shadows through symptoms in your physical, emotional & mental bodies

And also by being trauma bonded to your living relatives, your ethnic community, or certain toxic patterns & behaviors.

Turning shadow into light doesn't mean changing what you don't like but seeing it, accepting it & making peace with it. Or to be in Sacred Witness

The alchemical change that occurs when we transmute & transform our darkness to light is actually a process of integration. 

And integration only requires witnessing. 

Being in Sacred Witness is enough to integrate & heal because "The looking is the doing." ~Guru Krishnamurti

Wounds get passed on to the next generation until they are healed. THIS IS METAPHYSICAL LAW!

In this historical moment, we're being asked as a collective human family to heal our ancestral lineages because many of the ones who came before us didn't have the resources to but we do. The planet is ascending to a place that demands our healing or our children will carry the burden of our wounds. [Note: You do not need to have actual children to pass on inter-generational trauma].

Here is a rough outline of our 4-Week Journey in Ancestral Healing with Folliculinum 30C:

Week 1: Opening The Container of Love

  • Ancestral Remembrance & Root Revival
  • Introduction to Sarcode Folliculinum Medicine (What to expect, How & When to use the remedy)
  • Who are your medicinal allies & how to use them
  • Prayer & Gratitude to Ancestors

Week 2: Sitting with the Medicine

  • Personal Reflections-- What's coming up for you & how to work with it. 
  • Q & A 
  • Live Journaling

Week 3: Golden & Shadow Ancestors

  • What did you inherit to heal & what did you inherit to revive & keep alive. 
  • Tracking & Clearing Inherited Light Attributes, Archetypal Patterns, Miasms & Karma
  • Live Journaling
  • Bi-directional Quantum Lineage Clearing (Love Oceans Release)

Week 4: New Ancestors

  • Liberation from Karmic Cycles & Trauma Bonds
  • DNA Activation & Reset
  • Close Container

Who is this for?

  • People who have done some degree of healing work & have come to some blocks in their healing, or just don't understand why they're stuck & not moving forward.
  • People who are consciously aware of unhealed generational trauma or just have a feeling that something they're carrying doesn't belong to them.
  • People who want to break toxic behaviors, patterns, karmic cycles & trauma bonds.
  • People who already have a support system in place on their healing journey. [i.e. A toolkit for regulating your nervous system, practitioners or modalities you know that can support you through activations, etc. This is really important because this work can be very activating & catalyzing. I will also be available to offer individualized homeopathic support].

When? Live Zoom Sessions are 4 Consecutive Sundays AT 930am-1130am PST, 730pm CAIRO on:

Week 1: May 28 

Week 2: June 4

Week 3: June 11

Week 4: June 18

*The remedy Folliculinum 30c is not included & must be obtained by you. I will give you recommendations on where to get it based on where you are in the world. The cost of a vial of Folliculinum 30c is usually less than $15USD.

**People living in developing nations are offered a 50% OFF discounted rate. Please reach out for more info. 






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