For The Family
Homeopathy can help people with most chronic illnesses including but not limited to the following: 
Memory Loss
IBS, Leaky Gut, Digestive Complaints and Problems
Skin and Hair Conditions/Complaints
Metabolism/Weight loss
Chronic Fatigue/Fibromyalgia 
Fears and Phobias
Pain relief
Respiratory Complaints
Headaches and Migraines
Women’s Conditions/Complaints
Men’s Conditions/Complaints
Neurological Conditions/Multiple Sclerosis 
Endocrine Disorders
Eating Disorders
Sleep Disorders/Insomnia
Mood Disorders
Trauma Recovery
Post-op Recovery

Watch this video for more information on Homeopathy
I offer my own unique approach to holistic therapy by integrating homeopathy withnutritional support, cell salts, herbs and traditional/ancestral therapies. (And HTMA coming soon!)
Through my integrative approach to homeopathy I can help support deep healing and lifelong health by identifying her/his constitutional needs and remedy picture. Homeopathy is 100% safe for people of all ages and acts on the deepest level of healing, thus healing the whole person and promoting life long health. 

 "I totally recommend it. It expanded the options I have to healing and I feel more confident about caring for my children's health."~ Daniella 

Isotherapy (CEASE Therapy)
I am a certified CEASE therapist and in addition to homeopathy to I helping to healing chronic and acute conditions, I offer the world renowned and highly successful CEASE detox ~ or a systematic detoxification of the causes of disease and a step by step improvement in health. Though CEASE was particularly developed for people on the Autism Spectrum it has been successful in healing most modern chronic illnesses. Please see CEASE Therapy for more information. 
For Children
Homeopathy is completely safe, non-toxic, free of side effects and therefore especially useful for babies, children and adolescents. Through my integrative approach to homeopathy I can help support the health and growth of your child by identifying her/his constitutional needs and remedy picture. Just as in my sessions with adults, I may utilize reiki or muscle testing to better assess the needs of your child. Homeopathy is 100% safe for babies and children of all ages and acts on the deepest level of healing, thus healing the whole person and promoting lifelong health. 
Homeopathy can help with the following complaints in infants, children and adolescents:
Most Chronic and Acute Conditions including but not limited to—
Digestive Complaints
Influenza/Common Cold
Childhood Diseases (Measles, Chicken Pox, etc)
Autism Spectrum/ADD/ADHD
Cold Sores
Nausea and vomiting

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