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Immune System Boot Camp
Day 2- Building Long Term Immune System Health

Welcome to Day 2 of the Immune System Boot Camp. Today we will be focusing on building long term immune system health. Please see below recommendations for essential vitamins and nutrients referred to in the video as well as a transcript of the video.

Recommended Vitamins & Nutrients

As a reminder I generally do not make universal recommendations as most people have different needs which a Hair & Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) would tell us. However, the following recommendations are long term supplement plan, meaning these can be part of your daily supplement regimen for life.  

Cod Liver Oil: High in Vitamin A, D, K and healthy fatty acids. This used to be a staple supplement in many traditional diets around the world. Unfortunately for vegans and vegetarians, animal sources are really the only sources for Vitamin A in the form of Retinol, which is needed for several enzymatic and metabolic processes in the body. Yes, there is Vitamin A in certain vegetable sources but it is not Retinol and therefore not bioavailable for those processes. Getting these nutrients from a whole food also ensures that all the cofactors nutrients are present for proper absorption and utilization of the nutrients  CLO is also helpful for healthy teeth, bones, skin, hair and nails and as you know from my previous blog if the part (like the teeth) is healthy than the whole (the body) is healthy too. You can start giving this to children as early as age 1. This is the best CLO on the market and it is also available as capsules. Nordic Naturals is also a good brand that has an orange flavored one for kids. 


Whole Food Vitamin C: Most of you know why we need Vitamin C and that we don’t get enough from our foods because an orange 40 years has remarkably lower levels of Vitamins and nutrients than our oranges now. I would not recommend supplementing with ascorbic acid, however as it blocks the absorption of copper and can cause copper dysregulation. Most of us these days are experiencing copper dysregulation with symptoms like anxiety, fatigue, chronic infections, depression, etc. An HTMA would confirm if you have copper dysregulation. Pure Synergy has one of the best affordable and whole vitamin C's out there. 


Magnesium: Although I usually recommend only recommend whole food supplements as I believe in nature’s intelligence, nutrients are not made in isolation in nature, magnesium is one of the very few supplements that I would recommend alone. Our foods are excessively depleted of magnesium, however the must abundant mineral in food is calcium. Magnesium locks calcium in the bones and also keeps sodium and potassium (the living giving minerals) in cells. So because most of us are not getting enough magnesium, most of our other nutrients are off too-- causing severe imbalances in our most vital organs and system.  Magnesium is required for nearly all metabolic processes in the body and is a sedative, so it also has calming effects on the mind and body. The form of magnesium one takes is important and I recommend getting an HTMA to know which form is best for you. [Yes, children can also get an HTMA done, we just need about an inch of scalp hair.] 


[NOTE: The best way to deliver magnesium to the body is topically through the form of Mag Oil or Magnesium Chloride. Spray the oil on the soles of the feet at bedtime, as it can get itchy elsewhere. Magnesium Malate would be my next go to. It is magnesium with malic acid, which support detoxification. Magnesium Citrate or CALM is really only good as a laxative as most of the magnesium goes right through the body in this form. And magnesium oxide flushes the bowels completely, so it is only to be used for flushing. Like I said, the form of magnesium matters and not everyone needs the same thing!]

More info on HP.

Historical and Clinical Studies on HP. 

Video Transcript

Long term Building of the Immune System

Constitutional Remedy: A constitutional remedy is the remedy that resonates with a person’s unique energetic signature or their essence and supports their entire constitution-- mental, emotional and physical bodies. It is best to get your child’s constitution when they are young because children tend to have clearer constitutional pictures than adults. Knowing the constitutional remedy will help to build a person’s long term health and increase immune system function. A constitutional remedy must be determined by a qualified homeopath. If you are interested in finding you or your loved one’s constitution, please see our page on Homeopathy. (Hint: There will be a special for those attending the boot camp to find your constitutional remedy). 

Nutritional Balancing

Even for those eating a completely organic nutrient dense diet, it is difficult to get all the nutrients we need from diet alone. However, I do recommend to make sure that you are eating nutrient dense organic ONLY foods as organic foods have far more nutrients than non-organic foods. That said, because we will likely still be deficient in certain nutrients if we depend on our diet alone, I recommend a Hair  & Tissue Mineral Analysis [HTMA] (stay tuned for special discounts).  An HTMA measures shows us the mineral levels, excesses and deficiencies in your body for the last 3 months. Blood tests are not as accurate because our mineral and nutrient levels in our blood change throughout the day. However, an HTMA is more accurate as it shows us nutrient and metabolic patterns for the last 3 months and it’s a window into your personal biochemical blueprint, your individual metabolic and cellular patterns and your specific organ functions.  This then allows us to target your nutrition plan based on your specific needs. 


However there are some things that we’re sort of all universally deficient in. And those would Vitamins A, C and D as well as magnesium. So I recommend the following products listed below this video as lifetime maintenance for these nutrients that we no longer are able to get through food alone.  

The next thing I want to talk about is Homeoprophylaxis: I am a Certified Supervisor for Free and Healthy Children International (linked below), an international program for educating the immune system through homeopathic nosodes.  Below are all the clinical and historical studies demonstrating the evidence for homeoprophylaxis, so I’m not going to get into that. 


Homeoprophylaxis is a program of educating the immune system through he administration of nosodes. Nosodes begin as microbial substances and go through a process of homeopathic potentization or ultra-dilution, whereby the energy is extracted and there are no more molecules left. A nosode is pure energy. There are no minute material doses of the disease like in conventional vaccines, there are no adjuvants, additives, preservatives. No heavy metals, no DNA material in it. So what happens when someone takes a nosode is their energetic body sees the information and thinks that they’ve contracted the disease and triggers the immune system into an immunological response. An immunological response can look like a low or high fever, there can be discharging. If there is is discharging, it usually comes from the organ of affinity of the disease. So for example diseases of the lungs like whooping cough of pneumonia, there may be some mucus that comes from the lungs. For diseases of the skin like measles or mumps, there may be a mild rash that erupts somewhere and maybe some discharging from the rash. But very soon after that immunological response begins, the immune system realizes there is nothing there-- because again the nosode is pure energy. And what has happened then is that the immune system has gone through a process of mimicking the disease processes and therefore gains a learning, an understanding and a memory of the disease. This could be called a process of bio-mimicry. Whereby the immune system goes through the learning of the disease without actually having to suffer through the disease. 


And after a certain number of doses of nosodes per disease, the body gains a complete learning and understanding of the disease. It archives and is then educated for life. The nosodes do not expire and can be repeated at times of outbreak or epidemics or if ever you suspect exposure to a disease but you do not have to repeat after the allotted number of doses per disease. 


Some of you may be asking, wait isn’t this what vaccines do? The short answer is no. The vaccine model, though in it’s original intent was in fact inspired by homeopathic principles has since developed into a completely different paradigm. The current vaccine model does not differential between different disease risks and benefits and views all diseases as evil entities that must be eradicated from the face of the earth. I’m laughing because that is an impossible premise. Diseases cannot be eradicated from the face of the earth. As we touched on yesterday, in the homeopathic model, we view disease entities as highly intelligent and adaptable million year old organisms that mutate rapidly. And that they serve a purpose in nature. Their purpose for us humans as we discussed yesterday is to build up our immune system, to teach our immune system how to individuate and self-differentiate. Also, the current vaccine model views immunity solely as antibody production. But we know from the disease process that an immunological response includes a fever, discharging and at the very end comes antibody production. The vaccine model completely bypasses the disease process and reduces immunity only to antibody production. It is because they are looking for a certain number of antibodies or titers that adjuvants are added to vaccines. Adjuvants aggravate the immune system into producing more antibodies which is not a full immunological response but rather an allergic response. Thus, the rise of allergies, asthma, and even auto-immunity can also be correlated to the increase in adjuvant- based vaccines. 


Homeopathy understands immunity as being a result of a full immunological response not just antibody production. And it is for this reason that the energetics of the disease in the form of nosodes stimulate the immunological response and therefore “teach” through bio-mimicry what the immune system needs to learn about itself and the disease. 


I’m not here to convince you for against vaccination. That is a very personal question that everyone must address with both intellectual rigor and intuition as parents. So just to be clear before I move on, this is for people who are looking for another way aside from vaccines and for people who are vaccinating but want to offer an education of the immune system that is more in line with the natural physiological process of infectious diseases. Homeoprophylaxis is for people who want to educate their immune systems towards infectious diseases. 

More info on HP.

Historical and Clinical Studies on HP. 

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