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Immune System Boot Camp
Day 3: Seasonal Immune System Support

Welcome to Day 3 of the Immune System Boot Camp. The content for Day 3: Seasonal Immune System Support, Exclusive Information on the Corona Virus and a Bonus Meditation to build the Immune System by Eckhart Tolle. 

Be well! 

Immune System MeditationEchart Tolle
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Seasonal Support

The last two days were jam packed with a lot of new information and requires some major stretching of ourselves and our comfort zone. So I will take it easy on you today. Also, when one is working on long term immune system health, there is little else you can do during flu season aside from the below. So, we will be focusing most of our discussion on the Corona Virus, this season’s major concern. Homeopathy has been historically successful in preventing outbreaks and deaths from infectious diseases, more so than conventional medicine (please see the charts below), so although there are some natural medicines I recommend, I will focus mostly on homeopathy. Also, it is important to begin treating a person with homeopathy at the first sign of illness and for that I recommend my Homeopathy For Families Online Course to learn to make Homeopathy your primary form of medicine at home [stay tuned for discounts on the course!]. People treated with homeopathy are less likely to develop complications from disease and tomorrow we will discuss what to do when someone actually gets sick. 





What can we do for seasonal support?

We discussed homeoprophylaxis extensively yesterday, see Day 2. For seasonal support with Homeoprophylaxis give Influenzinum 30c Nosode + Bascillinum 30c Nosode once every 3 weeks during flu season. You will need to sign up with a Homeoprophylaxis Supervisor to get access to these nosodes. [Reach out to sign up with me for Homeoprophylaxis and receive $100 OFF if you sign up before Jan 1.]


Genus Epidemicus-- This is a fancy Latin term (all homeopathic remedies are in Latin) for the the most commonly indicated remedy for the specific flu of season. The genus epidemicus is responsible for preventing outbreaks and deaths from outbreaks that you see in the charts above. So for example the genus epidemicus for the current corona-virus is Eupatorium at the onset of symptoms and Squilla at later stages if there are complications of the virus leading to pneumonia. See more on the Corona Virus below. I would match the potency to the intensity of the symptoms. For less intense use 30c and for more intense symptoms use 200c. Homeopaths are always working together globally to find the most commonly indicated remedies for seasonal viruses and flues. So get in touch today and also learn to find remedies on your own through the Homeopathy For Families Online Course.

Natural Medicine: 

Take Elderberry Syrup:  It is immune boosting and an potent anti-viral. Take up to one tablespoon daily during flu season. Here is a blog I wrote about Elderberry Syrup with a basic recipe.

Increase Whole Food Vitamin C As mentioned yesterday, whole food Vitamin C is better than synthetic forms as synthetic forms could cause copper dumping. You can increase to 1 gram or 1000mg per day during flu season. 


Fire Cider Recipe: This is great for EVERYTHING! You do not need to limit this to only flu season and can make it daily tonic for life. It is a tonic for nearly every organ and system in the body and boosts the immune system as well as has many antibiotic and antiviral properties. This is a super-tonic! 


Extra Probiotics: Remember that almost 80% of our immune system is in our gut. Thus, healthy gut flora is crucial for an optimal functioning immune system. You can increase probiotics during flu season. The best source for probiotics are fermented foods. But if you’re child is too young for kamboucha or sauerkraut, soil-based probiotics like BioKult is great! 

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Corona Virus

Firstly, it is important to get the facts straight with this virus as there is a lot of mis-information being spread and the numbers and statistics for this virus are changing daily. By the time you read this, numbers will have changed. The most important things to remember are the following: 

  1. Contracting the virus does not mean death. There is less than 1% chance of dying from COVID for healthy people. The risk of complications and death are in elderly populations or those with preexisting heart disease, diabetes and/or obesity. These populations are at risk of complications and death from any flu, respiratory virus or infection.

  2. If you get sick from any infectious disease, stay home! It is not worth putting vulnerable populations at risk.








   3. The following are things you can do as preventative and should you get sick with the illness: 


Homeoprophylaxis (Following yesterday’s discussion)

The corona virus nosode and all its variants are available and you would need to sign up with me for homeoprophylaxis supervision to get the nosode. Nosodes, as discussed yesterday, are a great way to educate the immune system without suffering through the disease. However, because this is a particularly virulent strain, some people are reporting strong immune responses to the nosode and I therefore do not recommend the nosode for high risk or vulnerable people. If you are interested in getting the nosode, please email me directly. 



The following can be taken by anyone of any age or health status and is to be taken as soon as possible as prophylaxis/preventative: [Please note that sensitive individuals may have proving symptoms when taking remedies as prophylaxis/preventative. Proving symptoms are temporary symptoms of the remedies that appear in the person and could last 2-10 hours. Should symptoms of the remedies appear after taking them, it is a sign that they are now protected prophylactically-- so it's a good sign!]

  1. Arscenicum Album 30c, once a day for 3 days. The Indian Government declared Arscenicum Album 30c as prophylaxis/preventative at the start of the outbreak and India does not have a problem with the virus as of yet. It must be working!

  2. Eupatorium Perfoliatum 200c 4 pellets twice a day for 4 days.


Genus Epidemicus:

These are the most commonly indicated remedies for the virus so far, it can potentially change with time. You can also take these before developing symptoms as preventative or prophylaxis. [Please note that sensitive individuals may have proving symptoms when taking remedies as prophylaxis/preventative. Proving symptoms are temporary symptoms of the remedies that could last 2-10 hours. Should symptoms of the remedies appear after taking them, it is a sign that they are now protected prophylactically-- so it's a good sign!]


If contract the virus: 

For fever with coryza(runny nose/head cold) sneezing and watery eyes: Squilla 200c 4 pellets 3 times a day for 4 days.

For acute body ache: Eupatorium Perfoliatum 200c 4 pellets every 2 hours

If all above symptoms co-exist: Alternate Eupatorium Perfoliatum 200 4 pellets & Squilla 200 4 pellets every 2 hours.


Additional Indicated Remedies: Byronia 30c and Lycopodium 30c have also been reported to work well for the coughing stage of the virus and could be taken as prophylaxis/preventative. Both are in the kit sold here. I recommend having a basic remedy kit at home, as you never really know which remedies you will need and when.  


And here are some commonly indicated remedies for Pneumonia, which is a complication risk associated with the Corona Virus. 


All these remedies are available at Washington Homeopathics, a2z Homeopathy, or through my homeopathic pharmacists. Contact me to sign up with the pharmacy.


The corona virus nosode is only available through me, please reach out if you’d like to get it. 


You can also use any of the above natural medicines like Vitamin C, Probiotics and Fire Cider but NOT Elderberry Syrup if you contract the virus. You can increase Vitamin C dosage to bowel tolerance.


If you or someone you know are worried that you have contracted the virus, please feel free to reach out for personalized homeopathic support


Finally, don’t worry! Stress is more likely to suppress the immune system than anything else. More people die in the US every year by medications alone than they do of any virus we know of yet. Please see the previous days and the Immune System Meditation by Eckhart Tolle to reduce stress and boost your Immune System Health.

Be well! 

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