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Immune System Boot Camp 
Day 4: What to do when our Immune System is Suppressed or Activated?

Welcome to Day 4 of the Immune System Boot Camp. Today we will be discussing what to do when the immune system is suppressed or activated. 

Be well! 

What do we do when we actually get sick or can’t get better? 

Before answering that question, I’d like to explain the difference between a suppressed immune system and an activated immune system. A suppressed immune system is any of the following; when you cannot get sick or when you get sick but cannot get better. An example of not getting better when sick is for those that continuously get colds and flus that linger on and on, they never really seem to go away. They just turn into the next cold or flu. This is likely due to a miasmatic block (or an inherited susceptibility) and must be cleared by seeing a qualified homeopath. Their immune systems are suppressed in both situations-- when someone is not able to get sick at all or cannot get better or when they do get sick because the immune system is not able to be activated into a proper immunological response of entering the learning of the disease process or because they are not able to complete the full disease process.


Another example of those who have suppressed immune systems are those who have auto-immune disorders, allergies, or chronic infections (Lyme, Epstein Barr, Candida, etc). For all of these conditions, the immune system is struggling with self-differentiation and one needs to see a qualified homeopath to get individualized support-- or support that is specific to their presenting symptoms and needs. 


An activated immune system is when someone gets sick. And what are we supposed to do when someone gets sick? Remember, ”that which we resist persists”?! So unless the situation is life-threatening, we can let them be sick and support them with non-suppressive remedies or medicines.


Again not all diseases are created equal and each disease carries different risks and benefits. It is important to look at each disease individually and understand it’s particular process to understand it’s risks and benefits. Again we are talking about benign infectious diseases. By letting the person get sick we want to avoid over the counter cold and flu medications-- tylenol (acetaminophen), motrin, ibuprofen are all suppressive because they essentially stop the immune system from doing what it is supposed to do by treating only the symptoms. What happens when we stop the immune system with suppressive over the counter medications? We are basically telling it to stop-- what you are doing is wrong, don’t do that! And we are stunting its learning process, we are stopping its primary function of self-differentiation and individuation. 


Isolate the person when they are sick. Masks can help but there is the possibility viruses can still be contracted through the openings of the eyes and ears so its best to follow the recommendations of the WHO recommendations and to keep the person quarantined. Yes, this requires keeping people home and missing work or school. This is not supported by our society that pushes us into quick fix solutions in order to perpetuate the capitalist money model and values profit over human health.


Here's what to do when someone gets sick:


1) Oscillicoccinum: The #1 Flu Remedy in Europe. At the first sign of any cold or flu. Aconite, Belladonna and Ferrum Phosphoricum are also all remedies to give at the first sign of illness. You can get oscillicoccinum at most heatlh food shops, drug stores and pharmacies and aconite, belladonna, and ferrum phos will be available in a basic homeopathy kit (see #2). You can learn to use a basic homeopathy kit with my Homeopathy for Families Online Course


2) Homeopathy: Generally, the best line of defense for any acute illness is to have a basic homeopathic remedy kit. I recommend every parent have a 50 remedy kit available as you never know which remedies will be needed and when. Homeopathy is extremely effective in supporting the natural immune system response while also bringing symptom relief and complete resolution of the disease process. Please see my Homeopathy For Families Online Course for a comprehensive education on how to use homeopathy and natural medicine as your primary form of medicine at home for First Aid and Common Ailments. [See your own special discount below].


3) Mineral Cell Salts: I also recommend having a full cell salt kit  (that's each separate cell salt on its own, NOT Bioplasma) handy along with this book. Cell salts are often referred to as the easy homeopathy and work to repair on the cellular level. They are easier than regular homeopathic remedies because unlike with homeopathy where you may have many remedies that can support someone during a fever and you need to differentiate which remedy to give based on the presenting symptoms, with cell salts its more straight forward. For example, with cell salts, if there’s a fever, give Ferrum Phos 6x. If there’s nausea and vomiting give Natrium Sulphuricum. Multiple cell salts can be given at the same time and along side any homeopathic or other natural medicine you are giving to support the immune response. 


4) Herbal Tonics and Teas: 

The following is an Immune System Tonic and Tonic for Regular Colds and Flus by the UK Herbalist Alexander Carberry: 





5) Rest! Rest! Rest! This is perhaps the hardest thing for us to do and yet the most important. The Immune System needs rest and no stress to work properly. Giving suppressive cold/flu medications that mask the symptoms often makes people feel they are well enough to go back to work or school but that his hardly the case. It is likely that cold and flu symptoms will just get worse over time if you don't let the immune system do it's thing by resting. In short, if you don't rest voluntarily, your body will probably floor you and force you to rest. Do EFT/Tapping as taught the first day and repeat the Immune System Meditation by Eckhart Tolle to destress and boost your immune system. Meditation and lymph drainage (there are plenty of DIY Lymph drainage videos on youtube) can also be helpful for de-stressing moving stagnant fluids and lymph through the body. 

6) I go into extensive holistic tips & strategies for specific issues on my blog, so I’ll save you the redundancy and make sure to bookmark these blogs for future use!  



7) Remember to follow your gut everyone, you got this! 

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