Already FREE 🕊

You can't have diversity & equality at the same time.

Equality means sameness in access & outcomes. Diversity means difference in access & outcomes. For example, how one person accesses & resolves a math problem will be different than another person.

Equality is an illusion of post-modernism as it reduces all things to its material parts & erases the sacred & unique signature of the divine in each person or thing.

In postmodernism, a pig is the same/equal to a Mozart or an Einstein.

As a muslim woman of diaspora, I don't want equality with a white American man because I don't want to have access to or success in the same toxic power systems.

I don't want equality with the colonizers, I want liberation from them.

This is what differentiates me from the left & the right.

And I am already FREE.🕊

PS: I am aware that the new buzz term is equity instead of equality but that's just a play on semantics because post-modernism's primary & only tenet is that material reality is relative & there is no essence or objective truth. So no one can ever really achieve equity because it's all relative & we can never arrive at an essential equitable truth.😆 LOL, such circular logic! This is the mind of the postmodern human and we wonder why the world is so completely upside down!?🙃

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