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Ancestral Shadows as Trauma Bonds

I've been thinking a lot about how ancestral trauma can show up in really insidious ways, like through trauma bonds to our ancestral stories or to living kin.

For example I've always felt guilt for being spared a lifetime of war & dictatorship, which I never experienced a single day of my life while my Libyan cousins have only experienced everyday of their lives. And my grandparents were survivors of the Italian genocide of Eastern Libya. [See 2nd photo].

This guilt has shaped a lot of how I show up in the world, has limited my ambitions & blocked how I give & receive love & abundance.

Because the guilty party of me always whispers "you've already been given so much & your ancestors (past & present) haven't."

This guilt is a trauma bond, a trick of the ego, of my victim and of my shadow saboteur.

The unconscious logic is that if I sacrifice what is good for me, I remain bonded to my people & will still belong somewhere.

Do you have any of these trauma bonds with your ancestors or living kin?

Or perhaps you carry something that isn't expressed in these slides?

Tell us about it in the comments.

I have a little bit of all of these to be honest.

The beautiful thing is that once they become conscious to us, we immediately begin to break the karmic cycle & to heal for our whole lineage (past, present & future).

How though do we make these shadows within us conscious?

For me it was really my work with the homeopathic vibrational remedy made from the human ővary, Folliculinum 30c, that brought these shadows to my awareness.

The human ôvary is where all of human intelligence is held, conceived, articulated & transmitted through the generations.

When we work with it, it will open up many portals of *knowing* & *witnessing*.

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