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🍵Bone Broth Hugs!🍵

I use God's medicines, not CNN's.

This is my way of giving our immune systems a big fat cozy warm hug as a gazillion vyruses do their thing & vyrus right now.

You know how we've been told cold temperatures don't cause illness vyruses do? Well that's only partially true-- vyruses can create illness but cold can too.

It's not the terrain versus the germ, its both-- it's the terrain AND the germ.

According to Sufi Medicine during the cold season, the humors of our body that are cold & wet in essence increase as the environment outside gets colder and wetter. We are a part of a nature and so our bodies follow the same seasonal cycles.

Because our human body is a micro-earth, when there is excess cold & wetness outside, there will often be in our bodies as well. And so our bodies will increase production of phlegm, which is the humour associated w/ water. Water is in essence cold & wet & is the element of winter, which is the season of cold & wet.💧

These are the months that many people will experience winter in their bodies, when the cold & wetness of water becomes excess & the production of phlegm increases. The increased water is than discharged as the body attempts to eliminate the excess & bring back balance.

Because their is an internal imbalance of the elements (water, fire, earth, air) the immune system also struggles & so becomes more susceptible to infections.

The law of opposites is the curative law in Sufi Medicine (in homeopathy it's the Law of Similars) & so giving the body warmth is healing and curative during these times.

So get cozy w/ warming foods & practices right now: bone broths, teas, warm salt baths, yummy hugs w/ loved ones.

I always say the best diet is our own ancestral diet because our bodies remembers the food as medicines & our ancestors ate according to the cycles of the earth and her seasons.

For better health during the cold season:

✔Follow the laws of the cosmos

✔Tap into the healing of seasonal & ancestral foods🙏🏽

✔No need for experimental schmots

✔Listen to nature's wisdom

✔Call on grandmother's knowing

✔And use God's medicines not CNN's.

What do you put in your healing soup?🙏🏽

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