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Cosmic Literacy

you can read signs & symbols to understand the mechanics of reality.

just as human languages are essentially symbols marked by sounds, letters & meanings to give story to reality-- reality also has its own symbols, signs, language, literacy & story.

when humans were gifted the blessing of language & creating story through symbol, we were also gifted the ability to decode & create reality.

this is what makes us unique among earth beings-- we have the special human honor of being Godly stewards of the earth & viceroys to the universe. [alhamdulillah. All Praise to The Most High.]

when I say we are witnessing a global satanic ritual led by the cult of medicine, I am reading the signs & symbols of reality to find the cosmic story.

because this is essentially our life mission-- to remember who we are in the cosmos. we are here to read God's story & to awaken our Godliness.

May we all be granted cosmic literacy iA.

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