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Discomfortable Comfort of Paradox

My beloved teacher @yeopariffin of Sufi Medicine & Sufi Metaphysics once told me this gem of a secret when explaining a metaphysical mystery to me. This is a Sufi gem right here!โ˜๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ’Ž

As he was explaining, I admitted to him that "I feel like i can almost understand but right before I do, I don't understand anymore."

And that is when he said the above quote & told me "that is exactly where you should be."

What a gift to be granted permission to embrace & surrender to paradox & contradiction, rather than to resist or try to explain it.

This is the way of the Sufis & all mystics-- living comfortably in the discomfort of paradox. And it is available to you too.

Subhan Allah I have had the best teachers & guides in this life alhamdulillah. THE BEST! I say this a lot because no matter how much I say it, I can never truly express how grateful I am for the blessings of divine guidance & amazing teachers I've been gifted with in this lifetime.

May Allah raise the station of my teachers & guides infinitely & always keep me with them under the guardianship, guidance & gaze in this life & the next iA.

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