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Drug Cartels

They keep us addicted to their products through media fear mongering, of which they both own.

Now they've joined forces to create an injectable software, a drug that reprograms human DNA.

Their new world order will insist you comply & stay addicted. They forced everyone onto one of their most profitable drugs (online) & will then pull the plug. So that just like drug addicts, we do anything, including taking their injectable software, to continue to have access to their drugs.

Typical colonizer tactics-- all of my friends in Egypt can see exactly whats going on but people in the US & Europe are hella getting duped.

Sorry/not sorry, I'm just telling you all the truth. And I will be sharing more about what people are saying here about colonizer settler countries and world affairs. It may hurt your feelings but tough wisdom is my love language & enough with colonizer fragility! Get the white man out yo' heads!

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