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Emotional Healing: Ways to Heal Your Emotional Body

First, just to give some context; in all cultures and all traditions throughout all of time (aside from our modern industrial paradigm) there has been a universal belief that the human being is a multi-layered being with an energetic body (the spirit), a mental body, an emotional body (the soul) and a physical body. All cultures and traditions throughout all time believe that the human being is more than just a physical body. Thus, we will hold this truth as the framework for this piece; that we are energetic beings with mental, emotional and physical bodies.

As follow up to my post Coming Back from Panic Attacks: Healing Anxiety & Exhaustion w/ Minerals, I would like to share with you the importance of emotional healing from the perspective of a practitioner of the healing arts. But before we dive into that juicy subject, I must reiterate how important it is to have some degree of balance in the body and particularly the adrenals, kidneys and nervous system before embarking on deep emotional exploration and healing. To process the depth of one’s emotions, one must have a body able to contain the processes. And this requires a toolbox full of supportive tools. The first tool to be sharpened is to support the container (the body). For this I recommend doing serial HTMA + Targeted Functional Nutrition, which is excellent foundational care.

I have found in myself and in my clients that at the root of all physical or mental imbalances are emotional blocks resulting from false perceptions or limiting beliefs. These limiting beliefs or misperceptions are usually developed in childhood or earlier (the womb, ancestral, cultural, etc) and are the subconscious drivers of all our actions and behaviors (be they mental/emotional or physiological/biological). In all spiritual and healing traditions, thought or beliefs precede all else. Meaning, that before anything manifests in physical form it must first exist somewhere in the person’s consciousness, including the sub or unconsciousness. Thus the original dis-ease or illness occurs first on the level of belief. This is why religions, in their original and purest intent, aim to correct mis-belief or mis-understanding of one’s self and one’s true nature. This is also why most traditions have practices like meditation and prayer at the center of their rituals-- to transform one’s perception and beliefs, where disturbances originate in the human mind and body. For this reason, any “real” medicine would ultimately be, or lead to, spiritual medicine.


Epigenetics is a growing new science that corroborates this truth-- that perception and experience can be imprinted into the genetic code or physical human body for generations. "Traumatic experiences from our past, even our recent ancestral past, leave molecular scars on our DNA." From Grandmother’s Experiences Leave a Mark on Our Genes, Discover Magazine.

So how does this work inside our bodies and mind exactly? First there is a mis-belief in our subconscious or conscious mind, which then becomes manifest through a mental/emotional/physical The mental/emotional and physical symptoms or experiences are there to show us or shine a light on the original disturbance, the mis-belief.

We can see the mis-belief and make the correction if we are awake and can see clearly, i.e. we have no veils, or limiting beliefs and misperceptions blocking or deluding our view. But here is the difficult part, or the conundrum; our emotions and physical symptoms can block our view. It can be hard to see the original disturbance because we cannot see passed our emotional and physical experiences.

Likewise, an experience that brought up a negative emotion can imprint new limiting beliefs. For example, abuse as a child can result in fear that is internalized as the misbelief “I do not deserve to be loved” or “Love hurts”. This wound will then define most of the child’s relationships with herself (and her body) and others well into adulthood unless the emotion (fear) and then the misbeliefs (I do not deserve to be loved or love hurts) are confronted, processed and released. So this is where the real hard work begins and why I insist that you must have a support system for both your physical and emotional bodies in place to completely heal.

This is all to say that in order to truly heal, we must heal the emotional blocks associated with certain misperceptions or misunderstandings in our belief and thought systems, whether they be something we inherited from our culture, our ancestors, or our own life experiences. The following are suggestions for tools to add to your toolbox to prepare and sustain you through your emotional/spiritual healing journey.

[Please note that for those who identify as empaths, this is still true. Empaths will feel other people’s emotions but it still a faulty belief system that allows one to be open and available to enmesh one’s self in others emotions. So still the thoughts or beliefs precede feelings.]

New Earth Mystery School

I have personally garnered the most support and have done the deepest emotional work with Maryam Hasnaa’s New Earth Mystery School. It is a comprehensive school with practical and spiritual tools for all things related to emotional and spiritual healing and growth. Maryam is an amazing energy healer and brings together many modalities and traditions to offer holistic and profound psychological exploration and integration.

She is often on my recommendations list to my clients who are ready for more emotional labor. The school offers a very affordable membership where you have access to all her content and courses. But you can also purchase individual classes as needed, which are also super affordable.

In the meantime, follow her on Twitter and Instagram for inspiration and guidance.


Homeopathy is an energetic medicine that views dis-ease as originating first on the energetic body (sounds familiar?!). Healing is brought to the energetic body by finding a like or ‘similar’ energy in nature through the essence or energetics of plants, minerals or animals and animal byproducts. When given the remedy resonating at the same energetic frequency of the person, the energetic body comes back into balance stimulating the other layers of the person (physical, emotional, mental) back into balance too. You have heard me speak of Phosphorous as my constitutional remedy, that is the remedy that my energetic body resonates at and helps to bring all aspects me into balance.

I have found that upon receiving their correct homeopathic constitutional remedy or remedy constellations, that my clients often begin to see more clearly what they need to support themselves more completely. While healing on a very deep level, homeopathy usually uncovers the next steps for further deeper healing, whether it be more homeopathy or something else from this list. Homeopathy will help to heal the container, or heal the emotional wounds and blocks, or both. In all cases, homeopathic constitutional support usually uncovers deep layers of healing.

Once my clients are feeling safe in their container (their body), they are better able to receive direction and guidance to the deeper harder emotional work. I find that a lot of my work is not just about finding someone’s homeopathic remedy or an appropriate nutrition plan, but also just helping people find what tools they need to heal the deeper emotional wounds. For example, homeopathy may bring them in a place where they now can see their shadows or demons and are ready to work with integrating their shadows. Though I can continue to support them homeopathically as they do the hard work, I would need to refer out to a shadow integration specialist. See below. A lot of my work is about helping people find the best medicines for them, whether they are homeopathic or otherwise, to help them create their own individualized complete medicine toolbox. Healing takes a village. Healing is Not Linear. What Does Healing Look Like?

Flower Essences

Ahhh, just saying flower essences makes me feel so much better. LOL Flower essences are homeopathic preparations of the essence or extract of certain flowers and plants and are particularly suited for healing emotional wounds. Certain flowers are associated with certain emotions, for example Mimulus is indicated when there is fear or Rock Rose for terror. You can find Bach Flower essences at most local health food shops like Sprouts and Whole Foods and there is usually a pocket guide for the remedies at the display counter for you to take and keep. Flower essences are great for both chronic emotional disturbances and acute attacks. Dr. Bach’s Rescue Remedy is a combination of several flower essences and is a must have for anyone that suffers from anxiety or panic attacks. It comes as a spray, dropper, pastilles and creams.

Plant Allies

Plants and our relationship to them can be very revealing and restorative. This takes some time to learn and work with as there are so many things you can do to use plants for healing. You could see an herbalist for plant medicine. You could grow a garden, or have house plants, or you could spend more time with plants in nature.

Calming herbs that can be made as tea or infusions and that have an affinity with the emotional body include chamomile, rose (rose is perfect for when you are feeling any emotional overwhelm), licorice, lavender, rhodiola, nettle leaf, banana peel (you can boil banana peel and drink the water), etc. (Rhodiola is actually a herb I recommend for clients who have extreme adrenal fatigue.)

Disclaimer: Most indigenous cultures who maintain the universal sanctity of the earth, tend to have a very strong relationship to the earth, the land and the medicines the earth offers. I recommend honoring the land and earth you are currently standing on by learning and honoring the ways in which its indigenous people respect and honor it. Healing our relationship with the earth is healing one of our core collective wounds.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

This is actually a somatic healing modality that is extremely effective in transmuting emotions, so effective that its used with war veterans suffering from PTSD and anxiety. EFT consists of tapping certain meridians on the face and body and is based on Chinese Medicine. It can be done within minutes and can change your entire emotional trajectory for the day. There are plenty of YouTube videos on how to do it so I will let you find which resonates best with you but I do recommend watching a demonstration. It will take minutes to learn and can have profound changes on your life. Read more.

Somatic Work

For those with extreme trauma, I suggest starting here. This work is crucial as it focuses on recoding the nervous system which had been programmed through epigenetics to carry emotional scarring in the physical body. Trauma informed mind/body practices to heal and regulate the nervous system and negative re-programming are actually my husband’s area of expertise, so for that I usually refer directly to him as I will do here. LOL.


This is one of those universals that I don’t feel I need to explain or substantiate. Find yourself a way to meditate, whether it be through your specific spiritual tradition, through a class, an app, whatever. My husband is also a hypnotherapist and teaches meditation and mindfulness exercises for regulating the nervous system.

Womb Care

Oh womb care! You either have a womb or been in a womb so everyone has some kind of womb imprinting that needs to be processed and released. Believe it or not, womb steaming has been very emotionally engaging for me and I recommend finding womb care practitioners like The Womb Doula or Women's True Healing, if you have a womb. If you don’t have a womb but have been in one, you may just work on womb imprinting as you work on shadow integration, next up on this list.

Shadow Integration

Now this is something I just started working on and I can tell it may very well be the most profoundly healing for my emotional body. It was the womb steam that brought my shadows to light but what then do you do when you can see your shadows, your wounded inner child, your inner demons? I thought that with acknowledgment of certain shadows and the realization where certain triggers come from that I would feel better. I had a belief that awareness alone of one’s wounds would be enough. But in fact, it’s been about a year of working through this list that I’ve come to realize that shadow integration is absolutely essential for complete healing, for me.

Shadow integration is when you bring back aspects of yourself (even dark aspects of you) back into your soul. Most spiritual traditions have some sort of way of facilitating this process of remembering and re-integration (some call it soul retrieval) and I urge you to work with a knowledgable guide or shaman in your tradition. There are also psycho-therapists that specialize in inner child work and shadow integration, if you would prefer to go that route. I am still in the process of collecting referrals for people who do this this, so please reach out to me if you know anyone.

I recommend Maryam’s Class on Rebirthing 1.0 Becoming Who You Already Are for an introduction to Shadow Work.

Family Constellations

Family constellations is a group process to heal inter-generational dynamics and ancestral patterns or wounds. It is a type of psychodramatism whereby inherited hidden family dynamics are revealed and resolved through roll play (with representatives not actual family members, don’t worry!). I am also looking for practitioner and classes for Family Constellation Therapy for my referrals list. Please send me recommendations if you have any.

Martial Arts

Most martial arts traditions are within a larger spiritual tradition and are therefore equipped to heal the whole person (including the spirit and emotional body) through the discipline and movement of the physical body. Yoga may be the most popular of the martial arts and rightly so, though the industrialization of yoga has also brought an element of de-spiritualization to it. If yoga isn't for you but you'd like to work with a traditional martial art, you may want to consider Chi Gong or Silat. Of course, there are many more to chose from like Capoeira, Tae Kwon Do, Jiu Jitsu, Karate, Kung Fu, and the list goes on.

Arts Therapy

Music, dance, theater and the arts can be very healing. Even singing is extremely healing, especially if you have wounds around self worth or speaking your truth. Arts therapy is very particular to you so I encourage you to explore whatever feels right.

Traditional Indigenous Medicines

You know me, I believe that if something shows up in all cultures across all time then it is a universal truth. Traditional medicines are time tested and universal in their values and core beliefs. And they put together all of the above through centuries of tradition and ancestral wisdom. I would be happy to make personal referrals for practitioners in different traditional medicines, please reach out to me.

If you would like to know more about how I can support your emotional health, please email me.

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