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Faking The Funk

The difference between us & other animals is that we can FAKE the FUNK but they can't.

They can only be REAL. No pretending.

But there is an aspect of us that still hurts, & hurts badly, sometimes even for generations, when we play FAKE.

That part of us is our SOUL.

Our SOUL is what organizes the structures of our mind, ego & physical bodies.

If our SOUL is sick, so too will be the other aspects of us. [So stop FAKING THE FUNK!😉]

And yet, there is another aspect of us that doesn't want anything at all.

It is uncorruptible, formless, STILL, PURE, FREE & eternally in the DIVINE PRESENCE.

It is NON-being in BEING.

That part of us is our TRUE NATURE, our ESSENCE, our SPIRIT.

And when our SOUL is aligned with our ESSENCE-- when our SOUL learns to want nothing but what SPIRIT wants-- we are at HOME & at ONE with THE ALL.🌌

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