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Free to Believe

This is what makes you special in creation but also can get you lost.

And this is why humans need guidance-- to be shown their own delusions.

As long as you are clinging to a self-identity, you will never know your true essential nature, your SOUL'S SONG, your own unique purpose & imprint.

Because giving one's self a defined identity is to restrict one's self to definition in form. It's to put oneself in a box. The box is a delusion.

Your essential nature is not limited to form or definition & cannot be boxed. It is open, fluid & FREE.

ProTip: a lot of the 1st stages of inner work can be done alone but eventually we all need a guide w/ a polished heart to mirror back our reflections, shadows & delusions. And to help hold us accountable.

May Allah guide us all. 🙏🏽🤲🏾

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