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Full Circles & Lines

Life is a FULL circle & a line 〰️🧿〰️

This is our new (old) hood. I became a mama & had my 1st born while living in this area 13 years ago. And here i am again, strolling through an old familiar path with my best friend & little man but now he's a walking, talking, coming of age, super interesting BIG person mA! 🧿

How did this happen?! Lines & circles. 〰️🔵〰️

It feels like a cycle is complete as a new one opens up here on the other side of the globe, on the other side of our collective circle. It feels like one path has ended, or a lane has closed & as another has opened.

We are excited but also ambivalent as we embark on these new lines & circles in old/new territory & in our new internal terrain--as he & i both come of age.😝 And as we bring our maternal line back to her original home. 🔵🤲🏾🔵

It feels like we are walking away from so much as we walk into something great iA.

And the something great is still familiar. That something great will always be home.

100000000000000000 Alhamdulillah

For lines & circles. 〰️🧿〰️

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