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Intuition & Accountability

If you want to know what God is telling you, stop listening to the herd. God doesn't need the masses to communicate with you.

You were given everything you need when you were created, including all the archetypes & soul agreements to fulfill your highest purpose & your destiny.

When you start hearing the authentic voices of the different parts of you, you can start integrating those parts.

The many voices of you become one united whole you!

Would you like to learn to identify your different archetypes, their voices, their shadows & the agreements they made?

Join me for "Remembering WTF You Are :: Liberation Medicine" where we learn to differentiate between our internal parts & the external noise of the collective, our social groups & our ancestral traumas.

Join me for a 6 week course where we explore our 4 surivivor archetypes, their shadows & soul contracts in a sacred community container.

📩DM for more info.

🔗Link in bio.

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