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Liberation Medicine

Real medicine brings LIBERATION not enslavement.

Healing means getting free.🕊

Remember that dis-ease is a distortion at the level of the vital force or soul level, which is then expressed in the mental, emotional & physical bodies.

Healing means the soul is liberated from the distortions, toxicity, blocks, & dissonance that its accumulated through generations & in this lifetime.

Any medicine that doesn't bring the soul & the physical, emotional or mental bodies back to its natural state of freedom, is not medicine-- it's a drug.

And it's most likely a suppressive drug that increases distortion, toxicity, blocks & dissonance.

The best medicines are those that speak to, fine tune & FREE the SOUL & the WHOLE.

The best medicines is LIBERATION MEDICINE.

And alhamdulillah I'm really good at, & really love, helping people & the collective find their soul's LIBERATION medicines.

Want to know yours? DM me.

And Coming soon... Healing Collective Soul Wounds Through Homeopathic Initaitions💧

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