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Microcosmic Soul

The soul constellates the archetypes of our personality aka our egoic soul at inception, conception & in utero.💫

It is agrees with our Creator which archetypes are needed to fulfill its purpose and destiny in life.

One of these agreements is that our ego will forget all that our soul agreed to, that we will fall into a spiritual amnesia once we are earth-side.🌍

Our soul uses each stage & aspect of our incarnation to encode the archetypes, stories & agreements we need to fulfill our destiny.

For example, inception occurs in our ancestral field & our ancestral imprints, narratives & agreements are encoded onto the the ovary, which is an ancestral vault of all the seeds in our lineage. Thus, the medicine of folliculinum offers support in clearing miasms, in ancestral healing & the healing of karmic cycles.

The placenta holds the conscious & codes of individuation & designs your archetype of your inner child. [Find out more about the placenta & how we will work with it on our website linked in bio.]

I have designed a SOUL REBIRTH PORTAL, whereby through HOMEOPATHIC MATRIDONAL remedies, or energetic medicines made from the tissues of the womb & of baby during pregnancy & birth, we are INITIATED into a CONSCIOUS JOURNEY of our SOUL during its process of incarnation

In this 7 week, 6 CODE Journey of ASCENSION through the DESCENT of BIRTH, we will consiously & lovingly REMEMBER the TEACHINGS of each COSMIC CODE we RECEIVED during our BIRTH PROCESS.


See COURSE OUTLINE & The Map of our Journey w/ MATRIDONAL CODES.

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