One-Sided = Dis-ease

In Islamic Prophecies of the end of this earth cycle, which we are in, the anti-christ has one eye. Meaning he has one-sided vision.

In homeopathy, approaching any kind of imbalance or disturbance from only one side creates more dis-ease. Any one-sided approach to life or health is demonic in nature & creates dis-ease.

All of our capitalist systems are one-sided, profit only driven models-- like our medical, military & educational industries; & are thus dis-ease making complexes.

The mainstream approach to this pandemic has been totally & completely one-sided. Profit as always is at the center of the medical industrial complex, not health. Control & consolidation of power as always is at the center of government policies, not service to its civilians.

The anti-christ's minions are already here. They are the insidious one-sided colonizing structures, belief systems & thought forms that conquer the souls of people through indoctrination, politics, trauma porn, fear mongering & victim dynamics.

You are not just a human being having a one-sided earthly experience. You are a star in a multi-dimensional holographic universe.🌟

Will you remember & embody this or will you allow one-sided demonic forces to overthrow your soul? 🌠

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