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Only ONE☝🏽

This is according to metaphysics, it is cosmic law.

Only God can exist in non-duality, because nothing else really exists in the first place. Only God IS.

For anything to come into existence, it comes through projection from God Source. God's creation is God's Projection & necessitates some degree of separation from our Creator.

We would be annihilated in the Absolute Essence of God, in The True Non-Binary, in Oneness. We cannot exist there, nothing in creation can.

Annihilation because non-duality means ultimate union w/ Oneness, where no-thing can exist in The Totality of The Divine but The One.

Creation is essentially manifested through binaries, through polarities & duality. Of course there is an entire spectrum of infinite possibilities that exists w/in binaries but all of creation is still an expression of binary code, otherwise it cannot exist. It does not exist.

Thus, both the binary & non-binary are true but creation is governed by binaries that become manifest through The One.

This is the essence of existence-- the universe is Oneness expressed through multiplicity.

Polarity & its spectrum is how things come into existence.

This is a paradox. We are creatures of paradox and paradox itself is in binary code.

Thus, "smashing the binary" might sound cool but it's impossible & a complete denial of reality, of creation, the mechanics of the universe, & most importantly of The One.

Just look at material reality alone-- creatures exist as the self, its similar & its complete opposite. And everything in between.

All of the infinite expressions on the spectrum of dualities are holy & sacred. Not one expression isn't touched w/ The Divine Projection of God, the only Non-Binary, The One.

And this is why you can call me whatever kind of "phobe" you want. I love all of God's creatures no matter how they come into existence within the infinite spectrum of polarity or duality.

All are expressions of Divine Light & Life. Nothing is holier than the other.

And yet all of creation hold duality & none but The Creator is One.☝🏽

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