• Rena Sassi

Paradigm Shifting = Decolonizing = Timeline Jumping [Episode #1]

It is time for us to shift out of fear based paradigms in medicine and health because the collective is stuck and operating mostly in fear; leading to irrational, reactionary and inauthentic behaviors. Do I experience fear? Absolutely I do! But I know that fear comes as a teacher and so I allow myself to feel it without leaving myself there. After I feel it, I break it down and then work on transmuting that fear into wisdom and learning, into integration and expansion.

In the recently released ebook "decolonizing our souls :: liberation medicine for BIPOC" I offer detailed processes to dismantle your fears around covid-19 but let us shift into higher vibration paradigms for understanding health and disease here now too.

Human health & disease (dis-ease) are essential natural phenomena that are governed by universal divine laws. The nature of the material realm is duality because matter requires the illusion of separation. Duality is the illusion of union appearing as polar opposites.

However, there is nothing in the universe but oneness. The Universal Law of One is the most fundamental and in fact the first and only law of the universe. Polar opposites like positive/negative, masculine/feminine, light/dark are in fact manifestations of oneness and the existence of one necessitates the existence of the other; and there lies an entire spectrum on between. Health & disease are also one phenomenon appearing as two. If there is potential for health, there is potential for disease and everything in between. Disease cannot be eradicated, it is part of our human experience.

Health is harmony and balance in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual layers of our being. Disease is an imbalance or disharmony (dis-ease) in any of these states. Since harmony and balance is also a law embedded in the mechanics of the universe and the fundamental Law of One, health is our natural human state. Dis-ease then is a divergence from our destiny and appears as symptoms in our physical, emotional or mental bodies. Dis-ease comes as a way to facilitate our return to our natural human state of health, harmony and tranquility (sukuun). Thus, disease itself is a messenger, or a teacher that offers our multi-dimensional selves learning and expansion towards health.

Symptoms are manifestations or signs of the imbalance or dis-ease in our natural harmonic state. Symptoms then should be welcomed and understood not suppressed or disappeared. In this framework, dis-ease is an invitation to heal and become whole, to fulfill one's destiny as an autonomous sovereign being in harmony with the universe. Disease is the universe's organic technology for auto-correction.

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Stay tuned for more on this topic later!

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