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Patience & Trust

This is promised to us again & again all over the Quran, in all spiritual traditions & in the stories of our ancestors & ancient cosmologies.

But patience & trust are impossible for the ego who seeks to understand and control everything. Patience & trust in The Almighty must be sourced from our inner divine light-- from that spark of the eternal within.

If/when things get tough (& they will likely get tougher in the next few months), remember your soul is already tapped in to Truth. When you are struggling to find patience & trust, ask for it and it will be granted insha Allah.

Remember you are not just an animal having a limited experience on earth but a multi-dimensional spirit of honor and free will, that can manifest & express the highest potentials of the universe-- including God Source's Patience & Trust.

You only need to work on remembering who you are. And Divine Patience, Divine Trust & God Almighty will [re]member & reward you.

This is God's promise since the beginning of time & so it is. 🌌

[these are words & reminders for myself 1st & foremost].

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