• Rena Sassi

💥 S A L T :: The Spark Plugs of Life 💥

A Miracle Medicine that helps ground & replenish during Panic, Anxiety, Exhaustion, Depletion, Insomnia, Grief, Weakness in Mind or Body.

A pinch of UNrefined salt (unrefined salt does not raise blood pressure see below), directly under the tongue can ground us instantly while also revitalizing our energy.

In a moment of intense emotional stress, a pinch of salt or an adrenal cocktail (see my blog on adrenal cocktails, link in bio) can instantly bring us back to the present moment and help ground us into our bodies.

Aside from carrying the power, information & medicines of the 4 elementals (earth, wind, fire & water) unrefined salt also has all the essential minerals necessary for the function & continuation of life at its most basic level.

Unrefined salt is in the earth so grounds us, is in the air so breathes us, conducts fire so dynamatizes us, is in water so nourishes us. It heals in the physical & metaphysical.

Unrefined salt also is rich in sodium plus all the necessary cofactors to keep sodium in check & does not raise blood pressure like refined salt does. Sodium is a stimulator mineral that we call the "life & death" mineral because without sodium we could die within a day.

Sodium is needed by the adrenal glands to properly regulate the nervous system, the heart & blood pressure, the immune system, hormonal system & more. The adrenal glands also produce stress hormones & are the first line of defense & signaling during stress, trauma & flight or fight.

During high stress times we could burn through 30000mgs of sodium in a day. So taking a pinch of salt can do wonders for your adrenal glands.

Give yourself some love by taking a pinch of a good unrefined salt as many times as you need it. & give it thanks for the love it gives you.

Holding Americans in my heart today for the lives lost in Atlanta. 🙏🏽🌹

*For good unrefined salts, locally sourced is best or Redmond's Real Salt or Himalayan Pink Salt. Unfortunately sea salt has a lot of microplastics in it now and so its not my first choice but still better than refined salts.

*I haven't even gotten into salt's cleansing & shielding powers, yet.

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