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⚡〰️ sound can bend light 〰️⚡

⚡〰️ sound can bend light 〰️⚡

this is a fundamental principle in the laws of physics, metaphysics & alchemy-- with infinite implications in the micro & macro universes.

if sound bends light, then language codes matter.

this is why prayer is so powerful. a single utterance has the power to reshape the cosmos.

speak & you shall receive.

prayers up! 🎶


All 🎥 via @jain108academy

1st 🎥 :: by @pronoun.m 🎵 by @itsu_

2nd 🎥 :: The sound of stars recorded by the hubble telescope. Credit: NASA/Hubble System Sounds

3rd 🎥 :: Styrofoam balls dancing to sound waves, credit unknown.

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