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The Cosmic Book

Everything in the physical world is a mirror or shadow reflection of a spiritual reality, thus making the physical world symbolic.

Which means do not take physical reality too seriously.

But also take it as pregnant with MEANING and SIGNAGE from God.

Creation is God's love language.

The cosmos is God's book.📖🌌

💥Soul Literacy Workshop ONLY $22💥

🗓Sunday June 19, 10am PST, 7pm CAIRO

🖋Sign up linked in bio.

📩DM for more info.

[Geeking out!: In the cosmos, truth manifests through the inversion of reality, "as above so below", through opposites & similars. Because the similar and the opposite have the same ontological root, they are one and the same while also being opposites. This is the integration of the Laws of Paradox, the Law of Opposites & the Law of Similars through realization of the cosmic Law of One.]

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