• Rena Sassi

The Immune System

If our immune systems don't get sick from minor colds & flus, they will not be able to get better from more serious diseases. Children who get more acute illnesses are less likely to develop chronic illnesses as adults. My homeopathy teacher used to always say "people who get colds, don't get cancer."

Like a muscle in our body, the immune system needs to be challenged to build strength. It is challenged not only by being exposed to germs & non-self entities, but also by getting sick & exercising its function of differentiating & building knowledge of self, to establish autonomy & sovereignty. 💠

For example, my family & I recently got the stomach flu. Yes it was uncomfortable & difficult but I did not stop our immune systems from its innate response of exercising & working by giving it suppressive chemical OCT drugs. I supported it with natural medicines (homeopathy, herbs, , broths, hydration & rest).

Rather then telling our bodies what to do, or forcing it to act a certain way, we surrendered to the moment & let our bodies tell us what it needed to feel supported. We did not try to stop it from doing the hard work, we leaned into the hard work by riding the acute wave.

I could have easily spun out into a panic that we have c○v!d but because I understand the mechanics of health & disease & the function of our immune system, i was able to trust the process.

I accepted that our immune systems were receiving an upgrade & i understand that upgrades are uncomfortable. Instead of fighting nature, i chose to allow it to work through us. I chose to support the natural order of things rather then resist.

I didn't stop the fever, the diarrhea or the vomiting. I supported the body to be able to hold space for what was coming up. The outcome? Most of our symptoms subsided by day 3 alhamdulillah.

Vacksines do not teach the immune system how to get sick & how to get better. The adjuvants in them trigger genetic dysregulation, allergic responses & auto-immunity not innate immune response. And this new GMO vacksine is a whole other beast all together.

Forcing our kids into isolation is criminal for many reasons. Aside from the devastating effects it has on their mental/emotional & nervous systems, their immune systems NEED other immune systems and exposure to non-self organisms to work properly.

As per the fundamental cosmic law that "the part represents the whole", if humans are social creatures that require social interaction to develop cognitive, linguistic, psychological functions, then so too do our immune systems demand social interface & human co-regulation. Our immune systems need each other & need the earth to learn, practice, exercise and develop properly.

If our kids can't get sick and get better from a regular childhood illnesses like colds & flus, how can their immune systems learn to get better from more serious diseases. Every acute disease is a whole system upgrade!

PS: 1) yes we are quarantined. quarantine while sick is a normal practice in homeopathy because we do not suppress the illness we support the person! 2) no we did not get tested for c○vid because the nearest tests are hours away from us. 3) don't tell me what to do.

For more info on how to support an acute cold, flu or fever, check out my blog on my website.

For more info on how to educate the immune system towards infectious diseases using the energetics of disease check out Homeoprophylaxis on my website.

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