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The Master/Slave Paradigm Has Been Cosmically Revoked

The master/slave paradigm, which is the fundamental operating system of colonialism & the founding principle of this colonizer nation, is also the primary paradigm or structure being dismantled by the cosmos right now. Both within us & without us.

We all play a specific role in the dismantling on the collective level but it really begins within us. The Sufi knows that external change is impossible without individual internal change, & purification of the heart. If the earth is to be purified of the master/slave paradigm, the collective as well as every unique heart & mind must be purified too. To decolonize the planet, we must decolonize our souls.

It was in my late teens when I found Sufism, after growing up in a local mosque that hid it from us. I found Sufism when I realized that chasing an earthly identity is a futile mission & that's when I started searching for my soul's identity. I wanted to know what of the Divine, not of human constructs, am I here to manifest? Over 20 years later & I'm still decolonizing my soul.

Decolonizing the soul is the process of dismantling the false master/slave paradigm within us by releasing the false master that is managing our soul. Because the only authentic & Holy Master/Slave Dynamic is between The Creator & It's creations.

The Sufi must ask who are the masters of my soul? Who commands my thoughts, beliefs, responses, perceptions? Who is the slave within me & who am I enslaved to?

It was very difficult for me as a white passing "woke" POC to first see & then accept that i had internalized the perception & the programming of "white psychosis." It's actually by taking a deep look at the archetypes of Trump that I realized that by remaining in feelings of hate & fear of the white man, white people, colonizing forces, I remain in the dynamic & energy of master & slave-- w/ myself playing the role of the victim. Ultimately it is the victim within all of us that will engage the master/slave dynamic & activate either our inner master or slave. Because it is the victim that perceives from a place of inferiority & powerlessness.

And for me that is the deepest kind of colonization-- the colonization of my soul, my thoughts, my psyche, my beliefs. For me the greatest crime is colonization of my perception & of my soul. Whatever I hold in my psyche & my soul, I also hold in my body. I do not want to chronically hold the victim template anywhere in my multi-dimensional self & especially not in the core of my essence.


In Truth, I am a slave only to God. God is my only Master. In Islam the name of the human being in Heaven's Speak is Abd Allah (masculine “slave of Allah”) & Amat Allah (feminine “slave of Allah”).


May we all be freed from the bondage of human slavery & submit in total obeidence to The One. May we all become fully human. Ameen.

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