The oldest you is the youngest you.

It's so important to heal our inner child because it's the deepest, oldest part of you.

It has the longest life span & memory... she's in all your cells & levels of you.

She is the keeper of our oldest most entrenched habits & programs, our most subconscious & unaware secrets & triggers, our unseen autopilot patterns.

My inner child has been so triggered with my return to LA, the place i've called home since being displaced from my birthplace & ancestral homeland at 4 months old, which is the 2nd time I was uprooted & displaced. The 1st was in utero.

All she can think of & feel since we got back to LA a few days ago is...

*why did you kick me out LA?! Why didn't you want me anymore?*

That's the orphan archetype of my inner child. [see 3rd photo]

And she has been with me my whole life... since conception.

She is the oldest part of me-- all of my life experiences & themes have been centered & organized around the shadow & light aspects of my orphan archetype.

What inner child archetype do you have? What theme has shown up again & again in many different iterations but all to heal your child & bring her into wholeness & union with you.

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