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The Root of the Root Cause

The ROOT of the root of the ROOT CAUSE of all DIS-EASE & suffering in all of us is the 1ST WOUND of our 1ST MOTHER & FATHER, aka our "fall" from Divine Presence & our subsequent perceived rupture from our original state of being one w/ God & thus w/ all of our creation & mother nature.

The wound that is underneath all suffering in all people since the beginning of time, the ORIGINAL & UNIVERSAL soul disturbance, is the PRIMORDIAL MOTHER WOUND.

When we became fragmented & splintered.

When the union & balance between opposites was fractured & dissolved.

When we experienced the original split in consciousness & became aware of the pain of the WOUNDED FEMININE & WOUNDED MASCULINE.

We have since then re-experienced this original wound through millions of generations, re-iterations, narratives & traumas. But they are all holding the same original soul disruption-- the pain & projection of feeling rejected & evicted by our Creator & mother nature.

This original wound had always been mitigated by communion w/ our great cosmic mother through a relationship of respect, reciprocity & love with mama earth.🌍

However, as modern humans we have lost even that & our wound is now compounded, bleeding & festering. Begging to be acknowledged, tended & healed.

This deep open wound is now clear out in the open & is manifesting in our social & human bodies as the toxic feminine & masculine, through an array of physical, emotional & mental symptoms.

I've been guided to offer a group container to REBIRTH the HEALED FEMININE & MASCULINE by healing this PRIMORDIAL MOTHER WOUND through INITIATIONS w/ HOMEOPATHIC REMEDIES made from the mother's womb & baby during the process of birth. More on that later.

For now, we need to learn how to read our symptoms & SOUL DIS-EASE & how to discern what is ours to heal & what isn't. Because you don't have to carry & heal all of humanity's wounds. See previous posts.

For now, please join...

💥Soul Literacy Workshop ONLY $22💥

🗓Sunday June 19, 10am PST, 7pm CAIRO

🖋Sign up linked in bio.

📩DM for more info.

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