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The Wounded Feminine

My clients are constantly teaching me. I learn so much about healing, health, dis-ease, suffering, the human experience, the collective & even myself with each of my clients.

I'll often get 3 or more clients in a row that are suffering from similar dis-eases.

Their symptoms may vary but the center of gravity of the dis-ease is the same.

When this happens, i know Allah is showing me something in the collective & in myself. 3 is the number of confirmation.

These last few years, I've had more than a dozen clients come to me w/ the center of gravity being the WOUNDED FEMININE, with symptoms presenting anywhere from womb imbalances like PCOS & infertility to mental-emotional patterns of abuse & codependency.

Some have presented this disturbance right away & others have shown me that it's a block to their total healing.

In all cases, it is a miasm in them, in me & in the whole of humanity. I have also witnessed the same pathological patterns & blocks in the collective response to the *pandemic*.

I have also been shown that we can heal this miasm within ourselves & within the human collective by re-experiencing birth & the CONSCIOUSNESS of the mother & child during the birth process.

We can clear the block & heal the trauma of the PRIMORDIAL MOTHER WOUND within us & the EARTH herself, by being voluntarily & consciously initiated into death & rebirth; by re-experiencing the EVOLUTION of our SOUL; by deliberately re-engaging the birth process with awareness & intention.

I have been shown that MATRIDONAL Remedies-- homeopathic remedies made from the process of birth (ovary, placenta, amniotic fluid)-- offer this INITIATION of REBIRTHING the SOUL, of healing the primordial mother wound & of awakening the healed feminine & divine matriarch within and without.

I'm excited to share with you my upcoming course "Soul Rebirth: Awakening the Healed Feminine Through Initations w/ Homeopathic Matridonal Remedies".

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