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Trigger Literacy & Becoming Witness

Here is a process for activating the EAGLE EYE perspective of our WITNESS ARCHETYPE.

At first it may help to ACTIVATE these l reflections after the moment of TRIGGER & as you become more regular with this INNER questioning, you will find yourself able to also come into WITNESS while in the moment of TRIGGER.

Like a WARRIOR who has unfocused dispersed 360 vision & can see movement coming from all directions, we all are born with the WITNESS ARCHETYPE & EYE of the EAGLE.

We can practice sharpening our vision & perception to see the movement & energies guiding dynamics & stories.

We can practice seeing inwardly & outwardly at the same time.

This is the MEDICINE of LAC HUMANUM (Mother's Milk), who speaks the REMEMBRANCE of our WHOLENESS & SACRED NEUTRALITY.

You are invited to REMEMBER your SOUL'S JOURNEY of INCARNATION, to activate the light energies of our univers archetypes & heal the PRIMORDIAL MOTHER WOUND w/ INITIATIONS through Homeopathic MATRIDONAL Remedies or ENERGETIC IMPRINTS from the WOMB of BIRTH at...


Opening October 23

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