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You are free & so am I

I am establishing some codes of conduct on my pages & spaces because it seems some people don't have a basic understanding of my boundaries & my freedoms. I'm only going to say this once, & then I'm blocking people. I follow these same manners on other people's pages & spaces, & I will not accept anything less for myself. If this is not something you feel you can do, feel free to unfollow & block now.

Here they are--

Please do not come anywhere on my IG page or near me to tell me:

1) what I think,

2) what I said,

3) what I believe,

4) who I am,

5) something I just asked you not to tell me,

6) what I need,

7) what words to use or not use,

8) & what to do.

That's all!

May Spirit guide us all. Peace.

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