"Decolonizing Our Souls :: Liberation Medicine for BIPOC" [ebook curriculum]

An ebook Curriculum for soul alchemy, radical transformation and restortative justice for BIPOC. This ebook offers liberation medicine through paradigm shifting, processes, charts, journal entries, exercises, resources and more! 


Book Excerpt:

It is our intention to open a collective dialogue and examination of our intersectional memories and offer liberation medicines for our individual and collective souls. It is our hope that this piece initiates or supports you on a road to reclaim your fully resourced and authentic soul identity, to become embodied and protected in complete autonomy, integrity and sovereignty, to transform your reality from inside-out as the sacred creature, the microcosmic universe of light that your Creator made you to be. This piece is here as a reminder and a remembrance of our authentic ways of knowing and being in the world. Even though we may be children of genocide, enslavement, war or forced migration, we are also the children of prophets, saints, scholars, ascended masters, queens, warriors, shamans, midwives, healers, ninjas, geniuses, energy workers, mathematicians and scientists! We hold their secrets within us and so much more. This piece is a remembering and a healing of the many aspects of ourselves, past and present, that inform who we are.

"Decolonizing Our Souls :: Liberation Medicine for BIPOC" [ebook curriculum]

  • Photo 1: Ying Yang Art by Sana Mirza

    Photo 2: Sample Flow Chart from Ebook.