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Homeoprophylaxis for the Family

Homeoprophylaxis: The Immune System Educator for Infectious Diseases


Homeoprophylaxis for the Family includes Supervision for up to 5 Family members living in one household. The Supervision is for the entire time you are administering nosodes for infectious diseases. I will be available to you by email or text for any questions you may have, like: "When should I give a nosode? Which nosode should I give next? Is this an immunological response to the nosode? How can I support this immunological response?"


Please note that the cost of the HP kit (enough for 5 people) is not included and that we must have a FREE 20-30 minute phone consult to discuss HP and any questions you may have before signing up. The HP kit will be ordered by me from a licensed pharmacist upon completion of consultation, form and payment requirements and will be sent directly to you. 

Homeoprophylaxis for the Family

  • This is non-refundable. 

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