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Homeopathic Constitutional Support

Homeopathic Consitutional Support is what I consider my top to bottom approach to healing as it works to heal at the core and highest level of dis-ease at the energetic or consitutional level, thus stimulating whole healing from the top (energetic/consitutional body) to the subsequent mental/emotional/physical bodies that manifest from one's individual energetic/constitutional system. Often times, constitutional support or whole person support requires a series of homeopathic remedies in addition to orthomolecular and homeopathic drainage or organ support remedies. This is a highly individualized service and every person will receive recommendations based on their own specific constitutional needs. 


An initial homeopathy consult for Homeopathic Constitutional Support includes the following: 

  1. initial in office in-take (1.5- 2 hours at the Healing Arts Center in Altadena)
  2. Analysis of case
  3. Recommendations (including constitutional/constellation remedy(ies) and preliminary orthomolecular and supplement recommendations). 
  4. First follow up (30 minutes by phone 2-3 weeks after first in-take). 

Homeopathic Constitutional Support

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