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Soul Rebirth portal
Soul Remembrance
Energetic Medicines

A 6-Month Journey of Re-membering & Re-writing Your Soul Agreements through
Initiations from the Womb of Birth*


You know the saying “You were born with everything that you need,” and you’re like "ya, but how do I access that?"


In this portal you will access all you were born with through homeopathic remedies so that you can transform wounds, fears, memories, blocks, karma, stories into healing & wisdom, which will allow you to dissolve old patterns, create new ways of being & relating in the world.

Or you know how you’ve been working on the inner work for so long but you feel stuck. Or maybe you know what the problem is but you can’t seem to make a shift or find a resolution?

Well, in this portal we’ll be identifying the blocks to your healing and transformation by looking at contracts your soul made during gestation and birth, so that you could re-write those contracts & free yourself from stuck patterns and blocks and be soul re-birthed.

I never thought I could be in true alignment with Allah through being in true alignment with my soul's calling. I am so grateful that I could be here and now experience these amazing shifts with Allah's support & the support of all you dear sisters in this safe and loving container. 


Synchronicity activated! These passed weeks, these teachings and conversations are so on time. Sign me up for the lifetime of kinship with archetypes. I am so appreciative of the saboteur in my life, it has created these beautiful laugh lines around my crying eyes. I am finding difficulty digging into my past experiences because there is so much to learn in the present with these teachings. 
Rena, I am forever humbled and much gratitude to be here in this blessed community of sisters together that you have facilitated in the Soul Rebirth Portal. I am celebrating my achievements in inner standing this journey in this container, The Matridonal Cosmic Code of remembering my power!

Are you ready to meet and heal...

Your ancestors,

Your inner child,

Inner Victim,

Inner saboteur,

Inner Prostitute

& Sacred Witness?

Are you ready to meet your soul & and write your soul agreements?

Are you ready to meet & re-align with your true, authentic, integrated self?

Are you ready to witness & experience your own Soul re-birth?


Enter this portal to remember the codes imprinted on your soul through the womb of birth.

During this 6-month journey we will:

  • re-member & re-write your soul contracts, karmic agreements & individual soul constellation through homeopathic initiations with matridonal remedies*

  • receive the codes, teachings & intelligence you received at each gate within the womb

  • be initiated into the re-membering of the different archetypes or parts of your egoic soul & re-write their specific agreements

  • be consciously re-birthed into your soul's organic blueprint.

We start October 22, 2023.

[*Womb of Birth Initiations are activated by taking Homeopathic Matridonal Remedies. Matridonal Remedies are sarcodes, or homeopathic energetic remedies made of tissues from the Womb of Mother & of Baby during the Process of Birth: Folliculinum 30c, Placenta 40c, Amniotic Fluid 30c, Umbilical Cord 30c, Vernix 30c, Lac Humanum 30c]


Dear Soul Rebirthers,

You know the saying  "you're born with everything you need?"

Well, it's literally true.

During gestation & birth, we're given our life's curriculum, information, assignments & medicines at certain gates we travel through that are coded onto our souls from the tissues of the womb o birth.


Your soul journeyed through the planes of manifestation, receiving universal templates, personalized imprints, archetypes and sacred contracts for its unique and holy mission on earth. 

The very final plane on its journey for incarnation before landing earthside is the mother's womb.


In the womb, the soul receives codes for its egoic soul. The codes are a blueprint of 6 universal archetypes & their contracts (the agreements they made in order to fulfill your divine purpose & destiny) that become individualized and nuanced within each of us  

Within the womb are also 6 gates through which the soul travels, receiving impressions, imprints, contracts & the 6 universal archetypes.

The 6 gates and their corresponding archetypes are:


The follicle, or the mother's ovary (Ancestral Archetype)

The baby's placenta (Child Archetype)

The amniotic fluid (Victim Archetype)

The umbilical cord (Saboteur Archetype)

The vernix (Prostitute Archetype)

The mother's milk (Sacred Witness)

When we work with these energies homeopathically, we can harness the teachings & medicines of each gate & transform our traumas, symptoms, stories, karma, shadows, & memories into wisdom, resources, medicines & light.


In other words, the energies, teachings & remembrance of these gates are activated by taking their corresponding matridonal remedies*

Folliculinum 30c

Placenta 40c

Amniotic Fluid 30c

Umbilical Cord 30c

Vernix 30c

Lac Humanum 30c

You'll need to purchase the remedies separately.

Information on where to purchase the remedies will be available upon sign up.

When we work with these codes homeopathically, we can consciously experience the Rebirth of our Soul.

What's included:

  • 8 Live Transmissions

  • 8 Womb Circles

  • Loads of Journaling Questions for each code & archetype

  • Recorded videos

  • Meditations

  • Energy work sessions

  • Audio recordings

  • Sacred Rituals

  • Soul Community

  • Reading Recommendations

  • Soul Constellation Workshop

  • Homeopathic Allies workshop


*Remedies made of Healthy Human Tissues (Homeopathic sarcodes) from the Womb of Mother & of Baby during the Process of Birth:  Folliculinum 6c, Placenta 40c, Amniotic Fluid 30c, Umbilical Cord 30c, Vernix 30c, Lac Humanum 30c. The sarcodes will need to be purchased separately by you. Information on where to purchase the sarcodes will be available upon sign up.

Live Transmissions 

Meeting on Sundays every 3 weeks at 9am PST, 7pm CAIRO starting on October 22. See schedule below.


Womb Circles

Womb Circles are community gatherings for us to reflect & process the sarcodes together.

Meeting on Mondays every 3 weeks at 9am PST, 7pm CAIRO starting on October 30. See schedule below.

The Schedule


The 6 codes & Dates

Container Opening

Sunday October 22, 9am PST, 7pm CAIRO

Opening Ceremony, Establishing a container of love from within & without.

Code 1: Folliculinum

Womb Circle: Monday October 30, 9am PST, 7pm CAIRO

Live Transmission: Sunday November 12, 9am PST, 7pm CAIRO

Meeting our Ancestors // Ancestor Archetype


Code 2: Placenta​

Womb Circle: Monday November 20, 9am PST, 7pm CAIRO

Live Transmission: Sunday December 3, 9am PST, 7pm CAIRO

Remembering Who You Are // Inner Child Archetype

Code 3: Amniotic Fluid

Womb Circle: Monday December 11, 9am PST, 7pmCAIRO

Live Transmission: Saturday December 23, 9am PST, 7pm CAIRO

(Please note this is on a Saturday not Sunday in ohonor Christmas Eve)

Remembering Your Divine Name // Victim Archetype


Code 4: Umbilical Cord

Womb Circle: Wednesday January 3, 9am PST, 7pm CAIRO

(Please note this is on a Wednesday not Monday to give rest on New Year's Day)

Live Transmission: Sunday January 14, 9am PST, 7pm CAIRO

Remembering Your Power // Saboteur Archetype


Code 5: Vernix

Womb Circle: Monday January 29, 9am PST, 7pm CAIRO

Live Transmission: Sunday February 4, 9am PST, 7pm CAIRO

Remembering Your Humanity // Prostitute Archetype


code 6: Lac Humanum

Womb Circle: Monday February 12, 9am PST, 7pm CAIRO

Live Transmission: Sunday February 25, 9am PST, 7pm CAIRO

Remembering Your Wholeness // Sacred Witness Archetype


Closing: Integration

Final Womb Circle: Sunday March 10, 9am PST, 7pm CAIRO


More detailed information about each code & the work we will do.


Container of love
Within & without

An intentional container of love & support is essential to doing inner work.

Preparing for Container

To be done before live class.

1. Watch Intro Video. Review  is Powerpoint of Glossary of Terms 

2. Listen to Podcasts: Primordial Mother Wound & Healing, Activations & Initiations

3. Attend or watch Video Replays of Soul Constellation Workshop & Homeopathic Allies Workshop.



In this first gathering we anchor within us & without us a container of Love & Grace.

This session includes...

  • Container Setting-- Grounding & Anchoring in Unconditional Love, Intention Setting

  • Container Agreements

  • Meeting each other

  • The Journey of the Soul to Manifestation

  • How to take remedies?

  • Aggravations and Detox: Using Allies & Making Sure Support System is in Place

  • The Light Prayer

  • Q & A 



Ancestor Archetype
Remembering our  ancestors


Folliculinum is a homeopathic remedy made from the follicle of the ovary.

Folliculinum holds the codes & consciousness of our DNA, our ancestors, ancestral & karmic imprints, our roots, tribalism, patterns & cycles for survival, flight or fight responses in our nervous system, our identity, unknown ancient grief, our hormonal system & immune system.


Folliculinum offers the following medicine:

  • clears ancestral imprints, miasms & karma

  • restores will power,

  • helps establish self from group,

  • helps overcome patterns of abuse,

  • supports, regulates & heals hormonal dysfunctions (ie PCOS, infertility, PMS, dysmenorrhea, endometriosis)

  • Supports nervous system regulation & differentation from collective nervous system

With folliculinum,  we will journey in safety to meet, witness & make peace with ancestral shadows as well as our earth mother, rewrite & revoke karmic contracts & ancestral agreements, clear miasms & learn to differentiate between our essence and our ancestral imprints. We will reset our DNA & our relationship with earth mother.

Our work with Folliculinum will include:

  1. Video Recording on the teachings of Folliculinum & The Ancestor Archetype

  2. Share & discuss what teachings we received from Folliculinum & her allies in our Womb Circle

  3. Energy Work--

    • Grounding & rooting, 

    • Clearing Miasms & Imprints,

    • Clearing Root Chakra

    • Releasing ancestors to Love Oceans,

    • Learn to differentiate self from collective

    • DNA activation

  4. Ancestral Meditation/Womb of Earth

  5. Ritual invocation of forgiveness from our mother earth.

  6. Journal Prompts:  Ancestor Shadows, Reflections on Folliculinum



Inner child
Remembering who you are


Placenta is a homeopathic remedy made from the baby's placenta.

Often referred to as the "tree of life", the human placenta holds the codes & consciousness of one's unique destiny, life mission & specific spiritual & physical blueprint. The placenta holds the concsiousness of creation & transmutation & is the coder of your unique energetic signature. It also keeps the intelligence of resourcing, transmuting & surrendering to the cycles of life & death. Because placenta has the knowing of individuation it is associated with the universal archetype of the inner child.


Placenta offers the following medicine:

  • Activates process of individuation & surrender,

  • Connects you to yourself-- shows you who you are i.e. your unique vibration, reveals self to self.

  • Helps to heal grief of separation from herd, grief of individuation,

  • Helps to heal apathy, indifference to life, people pleasing, creative blocks.

  • Heals grief of Great Mother & of separation.

  • Helps to heal metabolic dysfunctions.


"The youngest you is the oldest you."

Your inner child has the longest lifespan & memory. They're in all levels of you. They are the keepers of our oldest most entrenched habits & programs, our most subconscious & unaware secrets & triggers, our unseen autopilot patterns. When we heal our inner child, we heal on the deepest levels within us & within our lineage.

Our work with Placenta will include

  1. Video Recording on the teachings of Placenta & the Inner Child Archetype

  2. Share & discuss what teachings we received from Folliculinum & her allies in our Womb Circle

  3. Energy work:

    • sacral clearing

    • placenta meditation, rooting in your 'tree of life'

    • visiting inner child-- take child to favorite playground

    • The Completion Process by Teal Swan in live session

  4. Soul Retrieval Meditation-- Meeting your Inner Child

  5. Soul Rebirth Womb Journey (Meditation)

  6. Sea Salt Bath Ritual to heal grief of Mother

  7. Readings on Epigenetics & the Role of the Placenta in African Cultures

  8. Journal Prompts:  Connecting with your Inner Child

CODE 3: 

amniotic fluid

victim archetype
Remembering your divine name


Amniotic fluid is a homeopathic remedy made from the fluid in the amniotic sac in the womb of the mother during pregnancy.

Amniotic Fluid holds the codes & consciousness of our place in the cosmos, our divine name. Amniotic Fluid is the atmosphere of the baby & acts as its source of oxygen and protection. Amniotic fluid helps us remember who we are in relation to all that is & in relation to our Creator. Amniotic fluid is associated with the universal archetype of the victim.

Amniotic Fluid offers the following medicine:

  • supports healthy self esteem, dropping masks, healing victim consciousness, inner child wounds & revealing cosmic self to self,

  • helps to heal addictions & patterns of escapism,

  • supports grounding for those that are 'airy' or 'in the clouds', 'floating in the atmosphere'-- brings down to earth

  • supports healthy boundaries, grounding into present moment & healthy relating.

  • restores sense of self as part of a whole

  • helps to heal digestive, lung & skin issues

Remembering Your Divine Name

We all have a victim archetype within us, an aspect of us who's light attribute is to keep us safe from harm & victimization & who's shadow attribute is to project & perpetuate victimization of self or others.

In this class we will harness the light of our victim to understand how our primary theme of pain in life points to our specific Divine Attribute of God we are here to bring into the world. If the other side of shadow is light, then our victim archetype who holds tremendous suffering can show us the way to our divine name, or our Creator's unique expression manifested in us.

Our work with Amniotic Fluid will include:

  1. Share & discuss what teachings we received from Amniotic Fluid & her allies in Womb Circle.

  2. Video Recordings on Amniotic Fluid, The Victim Archetype, Our Divine Name & The Metaphysics of The Law of Opposites

  3. Energy Work--

    • Descend to retreive victim,

    • take victim to safe haven & love oceans,

    • prayer of light

    • Rewriting Victim Stories-- Live Journaling Session

    • Forgiveness Scale

  4. Meditation Victim Stories

  5. Mediation Love & Kindness for Victim

  6. Journal Prompts: Getting to know your Victim, primary theme of pain & Divine Name

remembering your power

saboteur archetype
Remembering your power


Umbilical Cord is a homeopathic remedy made from the umbilical cord of the baby to mother.

Umbilical cord holds the cosmic codes for non-attachment, neutrality & cutting unhealthy ties & patterns. Because the umbilical cord knows the power of attachment & non-attachment, it can be associated with the universal archetype of the saboteur, which we all have. The saboteur has the shadow side of destroying that which is empowering & nourishing for us. And it likewise has the light attribute of protecting us from unforeseen harm as well as showing us in what ways we fear our own power.

Umbilical Cord offers the following medicine...

  • Supports cutting off ties & patterns of co-dependency, abuse, violence & addictions.

  • Teaches non-attachment & shows us personal super power.

  • Supports healing of the shadow saboteur.

  • Activates the light side of the saboteur

  • Activates sacred neutrality

  • Helps to heal grief of separation & detachment as well as digestive, liver, kidney & heart issues.

Remembering Your Power

Have you ever had the experience of sabotaging yourself in some way and then thanking God later that you did?! That is the gift, power & grace of the saboteur, which is an archetype created by our inner child out of necessity & for protection. The saboteur is the part of our ego that channels the energy of destruction to either disempower or empower, for either shadow or light purposes. In this class, we will be cast light on our power by holding the shadow of our saboteur with compassion & love & gratitude & submission to The Almighty, to Divine Power.

Our Work with Umbilical Cord include:

  1. Share & discuss the teachings we received from umbilical cord & her allies at the Womb Circle.

  2. Video Recordings on the ego & the archetype of the saboteur, both shadow & light, golden sabotage & non-attachment.

  3. Energy Work:

    • EFT session for our saboteur

    • Cord Cutting Ritual

    •  Power cords & plugs

    • Labyrinth Medicine Live Session

    • Meeting the Golden Saboteur 

    • Golden Sabotage

  4. Meditation on non-attachment.
  5. Meditation on cord-cutting.
  6. Journal Prompts: Getting to know your Golden & Shadow Saboteur

Code 5:

remembering your humanity


Vernix is a homeopathic remedy made from the vernix lining on the baby's skin at birth.

Vernix holds the key to one's boundaries, how one relates to the world & environment around them & the cosmic consciousness of the fragility & also the incredible resilience of human life. Vernix offers us a reminder of our humanness & all its wonderful & terrifying paradoxes. It reminds us that we are both separate & also one with all that is. Vernix helps us bridge our inner world with our outer world and helps us remember where we end & others begin. Vernix helps us understand who we are in relationship to our Creator.  Because vernix is the protective interface between the baby and external stimuli, this medicine is associated with the universal archetype of the prostitute.

Vernix offers the following medicine:

  • awakens awareness of one's self, one's relationships & external sensitivities & triggers,

  • supports right relationship with GOD,

  • supports healthy boundaries, self-differentiation, & knowledge of self & other,

  • helps overcome patterns of abuse,

  • cleanses one's aura, 

  • helps heal auto-immunity, allergies, skin issues, nervous system imbalances, victim identity

In this session we will retrieve our prostitute & offer them unconditional love, acceptance & forgiveness. We all have the prostitute archetype whose light attribute is to humbly offer the self as service to love & the shadow attribute is to sell one's self for other than true divine love. We all have the prostitute archetype and compromise our integrity for different things. In this class, we will explore the aspects of our prostitute through several journal prompts followed by a breathwork session with Pierre-Etienne Vannier focused on love & forgiveness towards the self.


Our work with Vernix will include:

  1. Share & discuss teachings we received from Vernix & our prostitute & their allies at Womb Circle

  2. Video Recordings: Vernix & The Prostitute, Vernix & The Void

  3. Energy Work:

    • The Dynamics of Nothingness​​

    • Story Medicine: Inanna's Descent to the Underworld

    • Humility & Humanness-- Embracing our Prostitute

    • Letter to Prostitute Archetype

    • Heart Clearing/Quantum Release

    • Dissolving the Ego

  4. Meditation: Dissolving the Ego

  5. Meditation: Between Two Breaths, Clearing the Heart

  6. Journal for Prostitute 

Code 6:

remembering your wholeness


Lac Humanum is a homeopathic remedy made from the human mother's milk.


Often referred to as 'Liquid Gold', the milk of a human mother is the most WHOLE, LIVING & POTENT MEDICINES on the planet. Because the mother's milk adapts its nutritional content according to the needs of the baby, has the exact proportion of nutrients her baby needs, is produced autonomously without *thinking, is sourced from Divine Abundance & is the source of life for a new human, this medicine offers the consciousness & cosmic codes for sacred witness, integration, wholeness, harmony, balance & determination. This medicine is associated with the witness archetype, the only archetype in this series that is part of our organic soul identity as it is originally an attribute of our Creator.

Lac Humanum offers the following medicine:

  • Supports abundance, autonomy, self-determination & healing the whole.

  • Activates the 3rd eye, your organic soul identity, the eye of the golden witness & Divine Neutrality.

  • Restores sense of safety & right relationship with creation.

  • Helps degenerative dis-eases, feelings of aloneness, no purpose, disconnection,

Our work with Lac Humanum includes: 

  1. Reflections & discussion on Lac Humanum & her teachings in the Womb Circle

  2. Video Recordings: Lac Humanum & Remembering Our Wholeness, Lac Humanum & Sacred Witness, Lac Humanum & Prayer

  3. Energy Work: 

    • Ego Death​​

    • Being a Witness

    • The Power of the Eye

    • Activation of the Eagle Eye Perspective

    • Activation of Divine Neutrality 

    • Dream Work

    • Storytelling, Divine Laughter

    • Self-Observation

    • The Divine Eye

  4. Death Meditation

  5. Meditation Sacred Witness Prayer by Sh. Ibn Arabi

  6. Meditation: Sacred Laughter

  7. Readings on The Witness in Sufi Literature

  8. Dream Journal

  9. Group closing ceremony

Close Container

"The opening is at the close."



In order to continue our individual journeys of transformation with integrity, we will need to effectively close the energy of our container. However as we will discover throughout our time together, this container is just the opening of a lifelong journey of conscious return, remebrance and rebirth. 



I felt a sweet peace with amniotic fluid internally, I have been feeling grounded into my human family, being of air quality I like to move typically and I really appreciate the tranquility amniotic fluid brought me in my own being.

I am really appreciating this magical practice of leaning into each bioelectrical phase of birth and really touching my extracelestialism, reconfirming pure healing potential that each of us are truly born with subhan Allah. All Praise to the creator in us all.

Yes, to the recognition and releasing of old patterns, the clarity these remedies bring is so on time! And the beautiful container and initiating of healing you are bringing Rena is profound!!

More About the Portal


1. Who is this course for?

This course is for people who have already being doing some degree of inner work & shadow work & have a support system already in place-- like healers, therapists & accountability partners they already work with. This is not for people who are just beginning on the path of remembering one's self. Please only enroll if you feel you already have support in place to help you process traumas & triggers that may come up during this journey.

This course is for anyone dealing with the following: inner child wounds, mother wounds, feelings of being forsaken, mystical despair, cycles of victimhood, self-sabotage, co-dependency, toxic relationship patterns, decolonizing one's soul, deprogramming the self, miasma, toxic masculine & feminine, individuation, ancestral healing, awakening, enmeshment, entanglement with the matrix. 

This course is for anyone who would like to heal their: relationship with God, relationship with our Cosmic Mother, relationship with yourself or your lineage, relationship with creation, relationship with the feminine, spiritual ailments & the following physical complaints: ailments of the womb (i.e PCOS, infertility, endometriosis, dysmenorrhea, cysts, fibroids, etc.), hormonal system imbalances, autoimmunity, back pain, nervous system dis-regulation. 

2. When is it?

The live class will be every other Sunday for 7 Sundays starting April 9 at 7PM CAIRO, 10am PST & the Womb Circle will be every other Monday starting April 17 at 5am CAIRO & 8pm PST. You will also have some independent work in between classes that you can do at your one convenience.

3. What do I get in this course & how much time commitment is it?

You get closer to your true authentic integrated self which is priceless.

You also get the following:

  • 2 hours every 3 weeks of live transmission

  • 2 Hours every 3 weeks of womb Circles to connect and share together & integrate the teachings of the matridonal codes

  • 1 hour each week of Audio & Video Recording for each code

  • Journal Prompts for each code

  • Independent homework assignments-- taking the remedies, rituals, prayers, dreamwork etc. 

  • a safe group container to process & heal collectively

You can expect to invest 3-5 hours a month of your time in this course for 6 months.

4. What's the investment?

Please see the payment options below.

Sliding scale is available for residents of developing/3rd world countries-- email for more information.

The investment in the inner work is greater than the financial investment to be honest, as you can expect to do very deep digging within. 

5. Where do I get the remedies?

Source Homeopathic Pharmacy has made us a customized kit just for this course with all 6 matridonal remedies.The Flower Apothecary has also made us a customized blend of flower essences just for this course with a discount just for us. I will provide you with all the details of purchasing the kit & flower essence blend upon enrollment. 

IMPORTANT: The matridonal remedies & recommended allies are available for purchase, details will be provided at enrollment.

The matridonal remedies are not included with the purchase of this course.

  • Soul Rebirth Portal

    Every month
    6 Monthly Installments
    Valid for 6 months
    • Registration & Full Access
    • 8 Live Sessions & 8 Womb Circles
    • Video Recordings, Audio Meditations, Journal Questions
    • Sacred Rituals, Ceremony & Energy Work
    • Inner Archetypal Work & Soul Contract Updates
    • So much more!

How is homeopathy energy medicine?

How we turn substance into energy

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