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Offering, online, phone and in office consultations.

Sukuun Holistics 

Healing Arts Center of Altadena

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Doula Services~


“Rena Sassi is an incredibly gifted doula and holistic healer. She has a beautiful energy, lots of experience, and a truly heartfelt investment in babies and families. She is an advocate for women and is in tune with the most cutting edge and progressive (ancient) approach. A native of Egypt, she brings a refreshing world-wide view to her practice. She has been an anchor of endless love to Peter, Orelia and I. Rena will make you laugh and smile in the face of any challenge and provide ultimate support.” 
​ ~Jesse Bliss Woods (August 19, 2013)


“Thank you Rena for answering the random call to be there for us in our time of need. We could have gone about choosing a doula the right way and possibly never found you. We planned to go at it alone with her mother and myself to support her during labor. We underestimated the power of birth! We truly feel blessed to have found you. Thank you. It’s hard to explain but when you walked into the birthing room I felt you had been there all along. You were not a stranger, but a caring soul. I realized yesterday Rafael Romeo was born two minutes before sunrise at 6:06am, on the morning of the new moon. My first phone call to you was at about 2:45pm, just minutes before the new moon began. : )”
​~​Rafael Garcia Rangel (August 11, 2013)


“…I feel like we will always be deeply connected through our shared experience of my birth. It was such a blessing to have you there, and I’m not exaggerating when I say that you got me through it without medication. I can still feel the counterpressure and the relief it brought.​​”
​~​Rahma Esther Bavelaar (June, 2013)


“My husband and I knew instantly upon meeting Rena that she was the doula for us. Her background in homeopathy, personality and experience immediately put us at ease and made us even more excited for our birthing journey. It’s difficult to articulate the profound effect her presence had on our special day. It was a long and difficult lab​or and Rena never stopped trying to create the environment we wanted despite some necessary medical interventions. After the birth the hospital staff commented on how much they appreciated her coaching. I know we will always have a special connection with Rena after our experience and she really feels like she is part of the family.”
~Amber Stuart (December 22, 2013)


“Going into our first pregnancy we knew we needed some extra help. We were going to deliver at Methodist hospital and we knew we wanted an experienced Doula that could be with us from start to finish.  Rena was just that and more. She was very supportive during the pregnancy, labor, and postpartum times!  From the moment we met her, my husband and I felt extremely comfortable with Rena.  She’s very sweet and knowledgeable, as well as motivating which is critical when you’re in the moment!  She was prepared for everything; she had the warming pad, homeopathic remedies, rebozo, aromatherapy, and even did massages/ acupressure during my contractions. She was also very helpful in assisting us make decisions during labor and letting us know what the doctors/nurses were doing. This definitely allowed us to be more at ease during crucial stages when needing to make important decisions.  We highly recommend Rena. Her genuine and innovative approach makes her services very unique and helpful. We are so grateful to have her share this special moment with us and she will always be considered like family to us! Thank you Rena.”

~ Natalie and Armen proud parents of Daniella Blue (April 22, 2014) 


“We are eternally grateful for your service and dedication that you committed to our birthing of Baby Peyton. You acting as our doula was the best blessing and the most wonderful gift we could have received, I will never forget how comforted you made me feel by responding immediately without prompting to each and every one of my contractions. It was amazing to have you there and to have your massages help me manage the pain. I felt so well cared for because it was just amazing that you were by my side to help me every time the pain kicked in. Additionally, I cannot thank you enough for transforming the room into a comfortable room with scent, Hypnobabies tracks, and love– it helped me relax and made my birthing such a beautiful process. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You deserve so much more because you gave me a priceless gift– a beautiful birthing experience.”

~Tara, Tyrone, & Baby Peyton (August 29, 2014) 


Homeopathy Services~


Autism Spectrum Disorder:

“When my daughter was 6 years old she was diagnosed with Aspergers. She was high functioning on the Autism spectrum with Sensory Processing Disorder. After years of struggling with what looked like bizarre symptoms; stemming, flapping, and twirling long stringy objects while making nonverbal vocalizations, it was great that there was finally name to explain her behaviors, but what could I do? 

Doctors at John Hopkins suggested we start behavioral therapy when she was 7. So I had to wait. She did great in school, and was anti-social but she didn’t care. She didn’t mind being alone and away from others. Around the age of 7, she began doing this finger flicking which was new. So besides the twirling of objects, spinning in place, she began flicking her fingers right in front of her eyes. She didn’t know why she did these behaviors she just had to do it. We visited my sister, Rena Sassi, in Egypt that summer and her and I were determined to take on these behaviors. I was always against medicating my daughter and luckily Rena was studying to be a Homeopath and began looking into remedies. In the course of the next 3 years she must have tried a handful of remedies, all to no avail. During this time I also tried behavior therapy, gluten and casein free diet, occupational therapy, essential oils, nothing seemed to work. 


By the time my daughter was 8 1/2 she started having anxiety and that anxiety began to increase everyday. So this summer of 2014 we started her on a series potencies for one remedy beginning with Cuprum 30C. I told Jennah that it was to help her with her anxiety. She would take it every other day by simply putting pellets under her tongue (gentle and sweet), and as advised by Rena I slowly increased in potency until we completed the series with Cuprum 10M. A few weeks after her final dose and seemingly out of the blue, she had a melt down in the car. She wanted to stop! She said she wanted to stop her stimming (finger flicking and twittering of objects), but didn’t know how. She was afraid for the first time to lose friends because of it and was worried that others will think she was weird and want nothing to do with her. She wanted me to trick her into believing something to get her to stop. I told her that the power and control was all in her. That she was the only one who could stop it. The next morning she came to me and I confessed to her that the remedy she had been taking all along was to also stop her stimming. She smiled and said “Well it must be working because I already have.”


And she has! She has completely stopped spinning her ribbon, flicking her fingers, and flapping her hands. Sure she still spins in place from time to time, she still has sensory issues, but the repetitive awkward behavior has gone away. The remedy has CURED her of the very symptoms that labeled her high functioning Autistic. It's been a month and I recently asked her if someone asked you why you stopped her stimming what would you say? She said; “Because you told me I had the power and you were right.” But I’ve been telling her that for years and so now she says it was time to stop. Jennah is still smart, funny, creative, a fascinating a beautiful person inside and out. I believe with all my heart that it was the homeopathy that has put a final and profound stop to her autistic behaviors. Reading this now, brings to tears because I feel like I’m reading a story and still can’t believe it! Homeopathy works!”

~Lamyaa Sassi (July 15, 2014)



Had a threatening infection this week and for a moment was convinced I needed antibiotics to kill it. Instead got homeopathic medication from my Doula Rena Sassi and within 24 hours it was gone.  The Medical Industrial complex makes a lot of money on dis-empowering us to believe we need pharmaceuticals for everything. Don’t believe the hype. Homeopathic medicine is ancient and potent.

~Jesse Bliss (June 20, 2014)