Rena Sassi, M.A. CHom {{Reader of Signs}} 
Polymath // Alkemest // Mama Mystic

I help people heal from the part to the whole, from within to without, from above to below & vice versa.

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My lineage in the healing sciences & arts are:
Homeopathy & Traditional Sufi Medicine or Prophetic Medicine. 

I am committed to human health, wellness and spiritual ascension. It is important that my clients are always at the center of care, and that they feel lovingly seen, heard and supported. All I do really, is look at people. I look really deeply within and around them to help them find the right constellations of medicines and allies to not only self-heal but to thrive! My purpose is to help people become who they already are: whole, healed, & complete.

I am committed to offering holistic support that addresses a person's complex and multifaceted existence-- the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical levels of each person. I am also particularly interested in healing at the root cause, or the most fundamental physical and metabolic level as well as at the person's core/essence. Thus I offer years of my Homeopathy experience to address energetic and constitutional disturbances, Homeoprophylaxis or Disease Alchemy to educate the immune system towards infectious disease,  as well as Hair & Tissue and Mineral Analysis + Targeted Functional Nutrition to address Nutritional & Metabolic Balancing. I also offer Readings for Soul Contracts & Archetypal Natal Chart.

I specialize in combining all of the above in supporting people of all ages with various complaints, to come into their organic home frequency-- or naturally whole, healed & healthy state. 
I currently hold a certificate in Homeopathy from the Lakeland College of Homeopathy (Egypt/UK) and a Certificate from the International Academy for Classical Homeopathy (Greece) with world renowned master homeopath George Vithoulkas. I am also a certified in Homeopathic Detox/Clearings (CEASE) as well as a Certified HP Supervisor for Free and Healthy Children International. I earned a Masters in Teaching & Applied Linguistics at the American University in Cairo.  
As a woman in diaspora, I am also committed to the revival and use of traditional medicines and sciences and I am a life long student of the Sufi Path and an apprentice to Master Ariffin Yeop in Traditional Malay Spiritual Healing. I have lived in the US and Egypt and have roots in many worlds. 
Memberships, Associations and Certificates
Guides & Teachers
  • Sufi Spiritual Masters: M. Sh. Nazim Al Haqqani (qs) & M. Sh. Hisham Al Kabbani
  • George Vithoulkas (Classical Homeopathy)
  • Professor Abdul-Hayy Holdijk (Homeopathy)
  • Dr. Gihan Rashid MD (Mentor in Homeopathy)
  • Dr. Magda Al Mahgary MD (Mentor in Homeopathy)
  • Kate Birch (Mentor in Homeopathy & HP)
  • Sh. Ariffin Yeop (Islamic/Sufi Medicine)