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liberation medicine for BIPOC

[[ FREE ebook curriculum for soul alchemy & radical transformation

w/ flow charts, journal prompts, exercises, resources & more! ]]

This ebook has has been a true labor of love for me. It is my heart offering to BIPOC communities who have welcomed, supported and loved me throughout my life as an immigrant settler on Turtle Island (aka USA). 

Please consider donating funds to keep this work FREE.

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In order to increase health in BIPOC communities, please consider sponsoring the following healing services for BIPOC individuals: Homeopathy Root Cause/Constitutional Support, HTMA + Nutritional Balancing. All proceeds go directly to providing services to BIPOC individuals who apply for the scholarship below. Please donate here.

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If you identify as BIPOC, you qualify for a free service in Homeopathy Root Cause/Constitutional Support or HTMA + Nutritional Balancing w/ Rena Sassi. Services will be provided on a first come first serve basis and as funds become available through sponsorship. 

BIPOC Scholarships for Healing Services

Sponsor Healing for BIPOC

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