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decolonizing our souls ::
liberation medicine for BIPOC
[[ ebook curriculum for soul alchemy, radical transformation & restorative justice
w/ charts, journal prompts, exercises, resources & more! ]]

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In order to increase health in BIPOC communities, please consider sponsoring the following healing services for BIPOC individuals: Homeopathy Root Cause/Constitutional Support, HTMA + Nutritional Balancing. All proceeds go directly to providing services to BIPOC individuals who apply for the scholarship below. Please donate here.

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If you identify as BIPOC, you qualify for a free service in Homeopathy Root Cause/Constitutional Support or HTMA + Nutritional Balancing w/ Rena Sassi. Services will be provided on a first come first serve basis and as funds become available through sponsorship. 

BIPOC Scholarships for Healing Services

Sponsor Healing for BIPOC

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