Immune System Boot Camp


Day 1

Awareness Building: What is the main function of our immune system? 

What is our immune system for? Why do we get sick? How do we get better?


Bonus: A group exercise to release fear around getting sick. 

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Day 2

Longterm Education of our Immune System 

Holistic tips & strategies to build longterm health and optimization of our immune system. 


Day 3

Seasonal Education of our Immune System

Holistic tips & strategies for flu season and the Coronavirus!

Bonus: Meditation for Building the Immune System as taught by Eckhart Tolle

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Day 4

What to do when our Immune System is suppressed or activated? 

Holistic tips & strategies to support the immune system when it is suppressed or activated.

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Access to Private FB Group

A place to ask questions and build community.

Membership in private Facebook group to build our community, to strengthen our collective immune system and ask questions!

Immune System Boot Camp

Immune System Boot Camp