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Immune System Boot Camp


Day 1

Awareness Building: What is the main function of our immune system? 

What is our immune system for? Why do we get sick? How do we get better?


Bonus: A group exercise to release fear around getting sick. 

immunity level maximum.jpeg

Day 2

Longterm Education of our Immune System 

Holistic tips & strategies to build longterm health and optimization of our immune system. 


Day 3

Seasonal Education of our Immune System

Holistic tips & strategies for flu season.

Bonus: Meditation for Building the Immune System as taught by Eckhart Tolle

cartoon boy fever.jpg

Day 4

What to do when our Immune System is suppressed or activated? 

Holistic tips & strategies to support the immune system when it is suppressed or activated.


How it works:

A 4-Day Email Boot Camp

Everyday starting 12/12/2022 you will receive that day's contents, video & materials for the 4-day boot camp.

The Boot Camp ends on 12/16/2022 and will then be available for a fee.


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