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Healing w/ HTMA

Our HTMA + Targeted Functional Nutrition offers foundational care and support on your healing journey. All our systems, glands and organs but particularly our liver, kidneys and gut (detox pathways), as well as our adrenals and thyroid must be supported and in optimal function to heal from any chronic illness. It is important to address and support your WHOLE person, try not to focus on just one thing at time. Nothing in our body works in isolation, there is a symbiotic and synergistic action between all functions and elements in our body. All systems and organs are inter-related and inter-dependent. With an HTMA we get to see exactly what is happening with this inter-related/dependent network of systems and organs in the body by looking at what is happening at the most fundamental or elemental levels of your body, through mineral levels, ratios, deficiencies and interactions.

The metabolism and utilization of minerals are responsible for every single action and function in your body. When we find out through your hair sample how your body is utilizing minerals at a molecular and cellular level, we can then find out which organs and systems are imbalanced. This allows us to really get to the bottom of things in terms of the nutritional, dietary and mineral support and program you and only you need. The HTMA gives us insight into your individual Nutritional/Mineral imbalances and with it you get a recommended program tailored to your specific nutritional and metabolic needs. With an HTMA we can help to heal imbalanced organs and systems and at their core metabolic functions, which paves the way for complete and total healing for the WHOLE person (mental/emotional/physical). Read more about what healing looks like here.

You guys I'm going to be real with you, the demand for this service is picking up (al7) and I might need to make price adjustments to ensure quality care. I often wake up in the morning having to mail off several HTMA sample collection kits as people purchased them in the night while I was sleeping. I love, love, LOVE doing this. I find each HTMA I read fascinating, different and sometimes surprising. I really feel in my element (pun intended) when working with, analyzing and making recommendations on minerals and elements. I am constitutionally and energetically element(s) after all ;). It is what I love to do most, to help someone increase their state of health while nerding out on their distinctive and peculiar mineral patterns and expressions. Yet, this services does take a lot of my time and work and as the demand continues to increase the price will follow. I do not have a team or assistants and I need to be sure I can keep up with the demand while maintaining my quality of care. So get your first HTMA now, because I'm not sure how much longer it will stay at its current price. See what a sample HTMA + my analysis and recommendations look like here.

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