Homeopathic Remedy Kit 30c  + FREE Inserts

50 Remedy 30c Kit + Rena's Homeopathy Insert Guides FREE! 


50 Remedy 30c Kit

Washington Homeopathic Products

It is so important that every parent and household have a homeopathy kit handy. Homeopathy can offer instant and long-lasting relief without the un-wanted side effects or toxicity attributed to most conventional OTC medicines. This kit has 50 of the most used homeopathic remedies all in 30c potency, useful for most common complaints and ailments. 


Rena's Homeopathy Reference Guides

3 Paper inserts to put inside your kit to quickily find the remedy you need.


Insert #1 Mama's Homeopathic Ammo: For First Aid and Common Ailments A handy chart with remedies listed by ailments and course of action. 


Insert #2 Mini Repertory 

A list of common complaints with most frequently indicated remedies to cross reference with Mini Materia Medica. 


Insert #3 Mini Materia Medica

A list of remedies with keynote and most common symptoms. 


Kit contents (all in 30c):

Aconitum Nap 
Allium Cepa 
Antimon Tart 
Apis Mel 
Argentum Nit 
Arnica Montana 
Arsenicum Alb 
Bryonia Alba 
Calcarea Carb
Calcarea Phos 
Calendula Off 
Carbo Vegetabilis 
Caulophyllum Thal 
Cinchona Off 
Cocculus Ind 
Coffea Cruda 
Euphrasia Off 
Ferrum Phos 
Gelsemium Semp 
Hepar Sulph Calc 
Hypericum Perf 
Ignatia Amara 
Kali Bich
Lachesis Mutus 
Ledum Pal 
Lycopodium Clav 
Magnesia Phos 
Merc Viv 
Natrum Mur  
Nux Vomica  
Phytolacca Dec 
Rhus Tox 
Ruta Grav 
Spongia Tosta 
Symphytum Off 
Thuja Occidentalis 

Homeopathic Remedy Kit 30c + FREE Inserts

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  • All Washington Homeopathic Remedies are shipped directly from the pharmacy to you. Kits are portable (about the size of an average adult hand) and must be kept in a cool dry place away from any heat, radiation or strong fragrances and essences. 


    All FREE Homeopathy Guide Inserts are produced by me and sent separately. Inserts will be already folded and ready to be placed inside your kit for easy and quick access. PDF files of Homeopathy Guides also available upon request.