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Sukuun School of
Healing Arts & Sacred Sciences


A School For Lovers & Learners of The Sacred

A sacred space dedicated to the appreciation, exploration, transmission, protection & revival of
mystical traditions & the spiritual sciences & arts.


This school is a container where we hold space for God to return to His world, to remember Himself through our remembrance of Him; as we explore, contemplate, transmit God’s Truth through the Sacred Sciences & the Healing Arts, through the signs embedded in all of creation, in the laws of nature, in the laws of the cosmos & within the totality of our beings-- within our physical bodies, our mental bodies, emotional bodies, our spiritual bodies, within our consciousness, within the dynamics of the cultures we’ve created. 


This is a space for us to learn God’s Story of us, of the world The Almighty created. This is a school where we listen for, speak, walk talk the language of the symbolic & the sacred. Where we read the holy subtext of creation. Where see the glory of God in all things. Where we bow down to our Creator by reading God’s signs & bring God back to our world. Where we ascend to the world of mystery.


Often, SSOHASS' students are people who are frustrated with modern secular schooling and how sciences and arts are currently taught devoid of the sacred.

In essence, the school comes from my own need to seek truth within the context of God's Truth & The Sacred.

Welcome & Dynamic Holy Blessings to All!

Coming Up Next

Live Offerings

Watering Your Tree of Life: Inner Child Healing with Placenta Medicine
Watering Your Tree of Life: Inner Child Healing with Placenta Medicine
Multiple Dates
Oct 29, 10:00 AM PDT
Quantum Field
"The oldest you is the youngest you."

The Wisdom Vault
Self-Paced Pre-Recorded Classes

homeopathy remedies.jpg


A DIY program to learn how to use homeopathy as your primary form of medicine & manage common ailments holistically & naturally at home.



Birth Preparation

w/ Maha Al-Musa

Based on traditional birth practices from her Palestinian & Lebanese lineages, world-renowned Birth Keeper & award winning author Maha Al-Musa offers two programs for birth preparation; one for mothers-to-be & one for Birth Professionals.

Royal Alcazar of Seville

The Sufi Wisdom Vault

FREE access to my personal digital library with more than 75 titles from & about the greatest Sufi Masters including but not limited to Shaykh AL Akbar Ibn Arabi, Mawlana Jallal Eddin Rumi, Shaykh Nazim Al Haqqani, Sh. Mansour Al Hallaj, Ibn Sina, Rabia Al Adawaya (Q) & more being added all the time!

Pregnant Belly

Homeopathy for Birth & Postpartum

A workshop for birth workers to learn how to support clients with homeopathy during birth & the immediate postpartum.


Immune System

Boot camp

A bio-spiritual re-telling of the immune system & it's wild world of wizardry.

Day 1 Awareness Building: A new story about the immune system & it's primary function as the psychic center of our physiology.


Day 2 Longterm Health: How to build longterm immune system health.

Day 3 Seasonal Health: All you need to know & do about flu season.

Day 4 Suppression & Activation: What happens & what to do when the immune system is suppressed (i.e chronic diseases) or activated (i.e. we get a cold, flu or other infectious disease).


Holistic Nutritional Balancing

Learn holistic nutrition, how to individualize your diet, use food as medicine & the wisdom of traditional foods in this workshop.

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